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Compact fluorescent lamp product information

The market is filled with different types of lamps. Initially the use of incandescent lamps was the only type that enjoyed monopoly. Gradually with new technology and a social awareness towards the environment, there were attempts to introduce eco-friendly energy efficient lamps.

The compact fluorescent lamp is the result of such tireless efforts. A compact fluorescent lamp is another form of fluorescent lamp fitted with either a magnetic or an electronic ballast. You can find some lamps that have the modular design where the ballasts and the bulbs can be separated and also replaced individually.

The other type that is available is the integral type where the lamp has a permanent ballast fixed into it and can be only be discarded when the bulb gets burnt.

The compact fluorescent lamp is considered to be more beneficial than the traditional incandescent lamp. They have a longer lifespan than the incandescent lamp. They also save a lot of energy thus reducing costs too. The compact fluorescent lamp usually takes longer to produce the complete light output.

They need 2 or 3 minutes to get warmed up and do not produce the same light output when it is first started. The light produced by the compact fluorescent lamp is not yellow like the incandescent lamp.

The compact fluorescent lamp generates light by sending electrical discharges through an ionized gas called plasma. The amount of gas that is discharged is dependent on the frequency of the current that is passed through it. The gas that is produced is either Argon, Xenon, Krypton or Neon. All the lamps have a mixture of mercury, metal halide or sodium.

The electricity that is passed through is meant for stimulating the mercury vapors present in Argon or Neon which results in the plasma and gives rise to short waves of ultra violet light. Due to this light, the phosphor or fluorescence produces the light that is visible to us.

Unlike the incandescent lamp where the light is produced due to the stimulation of the electrons, in compact fluorescent lamp there is a need to regulate the flow of power. The regulation of the flow of power is done by the ballast that is normally enclosed in the fixtures.

Coal is the resource used for production of light. Due to excessive use of this natural resource the supply has diminished and until and unless some preventive measures are taken a day will come when our world will be devoid of light and the resources that help in its production.

Everybody knows that the use of the incandescent bulbs is adding to the pollution of the environment. The air that we breathe, the water that we drink and the soil which we use for growing our staple food are all polluted on a massive scale. By using these compact fluorescent lamps you can definitely reduce the situation from aggravation. 

Using compact fluorescent lamps helps in reducing the wastage in the landfills. It is heartening that people have realized the effects of pollution and are taking the right steps to ensure prevention of further degeneration of the environment.

Once your compact fluorescent lamp is utilized fully and is no longer of any use you can throw it in the trash. But you should remember that these contain traces of mercury vapor which could be equally potent in polluting the atmosphere if it is sent to an incinerator.

On the contrary you can ensure safe disposal by sending it for recycling. If a bulb breaks do not inhale the vapor and wipe it off immediately with a wet cloth. Put everything including the cloth into a plastic bag for proper disposal.

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