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Xenon lamp product information

The xenon lamp is something that a lot of people are not familiar with, or at least they are not aware that they have been in the presence of such a lighting source. A xenon lamp is actually an interesting lighting source as it is powered by electricity but is actually uses ionized xenon gas to produce a usable source of light. The light that is emitted by these lamps is usually bright white light that is very similar to the natural daylight. There are a couple different types of xenon lamp options for you to consider and they include the continuous output xenon short arc lamps, continuous output xenon long arc lamps, and xenon flash lamps.

Each of the xenon lamp options contains of a glass art tube that has tungsten metal electrodes at both ends. The glass tube, which can also be made from fused quartz, is cleared and then filled with xenon glass. In the case of the xenon flash lamps, a trigger electrode is also added, surrounding the outside of the arc tube. The xenon flash lamps are usually considered to be in a different class as the short arc and long art lamps because they are designed a bit differently due to the trigger electrode.

The xenon lamp is something that a lot of people are just learning about, but it has been around for quite some time at least in concept. The xenon short arc lamps have actually been around since the 1940's as they were created and then introduced by Osram in Germany. The lamps were first offered in a two watt size and they were often used in the projection of movies, replacing the wide use of carbon arc lamps. These lamps are actually still used in the projection of movies today, though the wattages are much higher ranging from 900 watts all the way up to 12 kilowatts.

The long arc xenon lamps are much like the short arc lamps in the way that they are constructed, but instead of the shorter glass tube, these lamps have a much longer glass tube. These tubes are great because they are able to put out more light than the short arc lamps and are often used to simulate day light.

While the xenon lamp was first used in the projection of movies, they have been seen in wider and wider scopes of use over the last few years. These lamps are not only used in projection, they are also used by a lot of people who suffer from SAD, which is a seasonal depression based on the lack of sunlight that is present in a lot of areas of the world during the winter months. In addition, xenon lamps have also been incorporated into the use of headlights for cards. In the headlights the actually arc tube is very small, measuring just a few millimeters in length.

With the use for bright white light growing in many different areas, it appears that thought the xenon lamp has been around for quite some time that it is more relevant than ever. The lamps are not useful in all areas where fluorescent lamps or incandescent lamps are used, but their use is growing and it appears that it will only continue to do so as newer and small tubes are made and also with the additions of salt, sodium, and scandium to the tubes. These additions have helped with the lumen output that was somewhat limited in the past. Today the xenon gas is only used to provide instant light upon ignition, whereas the additives are what keep the light burning bright during use.

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