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Metal halide lamp product information

If you are interested in indoor gardening or in providing the best artificial white light to a space you may want to consider buying a metal halide lamp. This type of lamp is generally seen most often in indoor gardening, such as is done in greenhouses, though they are often used in other situations where the need for white light is obvious. A metal halide lamp is preferred by most gardeners because it can most closely match the light source that the plants benefit from when they are grown outdoors.

This is the preferred source of lighting for most indoor gardeners because of the sheer quantity and quality of light that a lamp can output. A metal halide lamp is a very efficient and effective light source and is able to provide white light ranging from 2700 to 5500 Kelvin degrees. In addition, this type of lighting source is also able to provide a Color Rendering Index, also known as a CRI, that rates from the mid 60's to the mid 70's all the way up to the mid 80's. If you are not familiar with the CRI, you should know that it is an index that is meant to measure how accurately an artificial light source is able to replicate the natural colors of sunlight, with 100 being the best. When you compare a metal halide lamp CRI to that of a sodium pressure lamp you will find that it is much better, with the sodium lamps being rated as a 22.

In a metal halide lamp there are different chemicals that can be added to what is known as the arc tube, which can actually change the light output as needed for a specific crop. This is important for those who garden indoors because versatility is a must. Of course, this is also a benefit where metal halide lamps are used outside of the gardening situation such as in malls, stadium, and even grocery stores. Metal halide lamps are preferred for these settings as well because they can most closely match the white light that is preferred and beneficial to people.

In gardening the benefits of using metal halide lamp are extensive. With many different sources of artificial lights the plants tend to grow taller and are much less healthy in appearance. When you use a metal halide lamp you will find that the plants grow closer to the ground and are bigger around and more healthy in appearance rather than pale in color. In short, the plants grow much more closely to the way that they grow when they are grown outdoors, which is a good thing because the plants that are grown outdoors are the healthiest that you will find! The result is that the plants that are grown under a metal halide lamp have increased flowering and fruiting potential when compared with other artificial lighting options.

In addition to providing a better light source, metal halide lamps are also preferred in many settings in addition to horticultural settings because they are more energy efficient. In a world that is becoming more and more costly in the way of energy, efficiency is always important. These lamps are also able to last 25 times longer than your typical incandescent light bulb and usually have a lifespan ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 hours! This is not only a great way to get light to your plants or area, but is also the most cost effective not only because they are more efficient but because you will not need to replace them as often.

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