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Gas discharge lamp product information

Among the various types of lamps that are available for our convenience there is also one type called the gas discharge lamp that uses electricity to stimulate the mercury vapors of the neon and argon gases. The gas discharge lamp that is commonly used is the fluorescent lamp. The phosphor is made to glow which produces the light that we see.

The working of the gas discharge lamp
This type of lamp requires a ballast for controlling the power that is flowing through in the lamp. The ballast is generally enclosed in tube fixtures. Either the ballast in enclosed in the fixture or are integrated in the bulb. Thus they can be used in lamp holders.

The use of gas discharge lamps have become very common and are increasing in popularity each day. You can find these lamps in different sizes and shapes and can be used for different applications also. Most of the times the gas discharge lamp can be integrated into the base of a lamp and can be fitted onto the sockets meant for regular bulbs also.

Thus these lamps have found easy entry into homes, schools and businesses. The gas discharge lamp can also be used for decorative purposes and are preferred lighting systems overriding the conventional incandescent lamps.

The apt light for hydroponics

With the amount of grow lights flooding the market it is natural for you to get confused and encounter difficulties in choosing the right one for your purpose. There are lights for specific times when it helps the indoor plants grow at varying stages. Hydroponic gardening can benefit from the use of high pressure sodium grow lights.

The high pressure sodium grow lights are another form of gas discharge lamps where the light is emitted by sending electrical current through ionized gas also known as plasma. The light is produced when the sodium gets agitated which helps in proper nurturing of the plants. Xenon is used to start the high pressure sodium lights

Gas discharge lamp for your indoor plants
An arc tube that is made of Alumina contains sodium and mercury. Aluminum oxide which allows the diffused passage of light is used for making the alumina. Alumina is used as it can bear the chemical reactions that take place caused due to the sodium which is at a high temperature.

There are electrodes attached to either ends of the arc tube and the voltage is passed to the electrodes that agitate the sodium causing it to emit light. There is a high chance of an explosion if the power switch is put on due to the unregulated voltage. Thus a ballast is necessary to ensure control of the power that flows through the arc.

Recognizing the wear and tear signs of your gas discharge lamp
This form of gas discharge lamp can last for more than twenty thousand hours. The bulbs get started at a low voltage and gradually get heated up. This heat increases the pressure of the existing gas in the arc and more voltage is needed to maintain the arc.

As the bulb gets used over and over again it uses more energy to combat the high pressure leading to a situation where the demand is more than what the ballast can supply. So the ballast shuts the arc down and cools the tube and also minimizes the pressure of the gas within the tube.

The moment the pressure reaches the temperature that is safe the bulb will be put on again as the ballast starts working again when the proper temperature is maintained. This causes your lamp to go on and off several times which needs to be replaced immediately.

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