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Sodium vapor lamp product information

The components that make for a sodium vapor lamp are discharge tubes made from glass that is resistant to heat with small amounts of neon gas and metallic sodium and two electrodes. The gas that is used for starting the discharge is neon and also for developing sufficient heat to help the sodium to vaporize.

Due to the presence of low pressure in the tube a longer tube is needed for more light. The tube is bent to form a U-shape to reduce the lamp’s length. The sodium vapor lamp produces a yellowish light produced at an optimum pressure which is acquired at approximately 280 degrees Celsius temperature and it is vital to maintain this temperature.

For accomplishing this purpose the U-tube is enclosed in a flask with doubled walls so that the heat does not escape. The flask with double walls can be changed to fit another U-tube. You must ensure precautionary steps when replacing the inner U-tube as the sodium which spills out in the event of broken U-tubes can cause fire once it comes in contact with any moisture.

A low pressure sodium vapor lamp has a high efficiency level which amounts to about forty to fifty lumens per watt. Also it produces light of a particular wavelength that emits a yellow color. The sodium vapor lamps are generally used for street lighting, lighting for highways and airfields where the color of the light does not make much of a difference.

Sodium vapor lamp lighting for indoor plants
Generally all light sources produce heat and light with some like incandescent bulbs emitting lots of heat. The sodium vapor lamps in this context are cool and more efficient. Large amounts of heat produced in lamps can cause lethal effects on indoor plants and thus you need lights where the heat produced is dissolved in an efficient and effective manner so that it does not hamper the growth of the plants. Thus sodium vapor lamps are effective sources of heat for hydroponics.

Sodium vapor lamp ideal for maturing of wines
This portion will definitely be of interest to the wine lovers and especially those who take great care to develop the right taste. As all wine connoisseurs know that wine maturing needs particular conditions, which if altered or tampered with can cause premature ageing of the wine and make your efforts worthless.

Besides factors like temperature, humidity the position and ventilation, wine also requires appropriate and adequate lighting system. Too much light can make your wines premature before its time. Thus you need to ensure that your wine bottles are packaged in dark colored bottles. You must make sure that your wine bottles are kept in darkness and the only light that is suitable for lighting a wine cellar is the sodium vapor lamp.

Garage and warehouse lighting
If you have a garage which you rent out for parking, the utmost thing to consider is the safety of the vehicles. Your garage should not be liable for any cause of injury or harm to either yourself or your clients and their property. Having high pressure sodium vapor lamps to light your garage is a good way of ensuring safety of both property and human life.

Installing the sodium vapor lamps will eliminate any chances of criminal acts by lighting all areas that have possibilities of shadows. Along with the lights you can also install surveillance cameras to record live action, and prevent any important images from being blurred or omitted due to poor lighting system.

In warehouses to enable your employees to work without any inconvenience you need to install suitable commercial lighting to keep all the areas well lit. You can use the high bay lights for high ceilings and low bay lights for low ceiling and you can use the sodium vapor bulbs which are energy efficient and also cuts down on your costs. For both garages and warehouses bay lights with sodium vapor bulbs are the best solution.

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