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HID lamp product information

HID lamps or the high intensity discharge lamps are highly defined lamps which have high levels of light to illuminate vast areas. These lights are prevalent in stadiums, ballgames, gyms and theme parks. Due to their ability to cover wider areas and their efficiency the HID lamps are gaining popularity.

The various forms that are available are high pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps and mercury vapor lamps. The first HID lamp to be used commercially was the mercury vapor lamp. These have been overtaken by other more efficient versions such as metal halide and sodium lamps.

The HID lamp emits lights when it heats the gases that are present in the fused alumina tube till it reaches the evaporation point. The alumina tube contains electrodes made of tungsten. Thus when the metal is heated the tungsten electrodes are heated which causes emission of light.

The HID lamp needs a ballast to start the gas discharge in the lamp and control the flow of electrical current. In the absence of a ballast there will be no reaction and no light will be produced.

You can use the HID lamps to illuminate large areas like stadiums, parking lots, warehouses, roadways etc. You can also use them in smaller areas due to its high intensity light such as homes, departmental stores and indoor gardening. Due to their powerful light they have also been used on airplanes.

You can now replace the halogen headlights in your car with HID headlights and you will benefit a lot. The HID lamps are energy efficient as they consume less power and are becoming one of the most popular lighting systems to be used in the present day. Almost all the new models are fitted with the HID lamps and they seem to be on the rise with a complete eradication of the halogen lights.

There are also other factors that contribute to its popularity. Due to its white color which resembles the natural sunlight these lamps are preferred by the drivers. These lamps last for long durations, for nearly 2500 hours. They have the capacity to generate light three times more than the halogen. 

The favorable HID light for your car is the Bi-Xenon HID lamp which is sturdy and is not prone to any damages and shocks during vibrations or any unsuitable road conditions. The halogen filament tends to get damaged under vibrations and you would need to keep on changing the lamps for new ones. When you are traveling longer distances at night, your Bi-Xenon HID lamp uses less power from the voltage system of the car and thus does not generate much heat.

Those who indulge in indoor gardening have a greater understanding of the nurturing of these plants in artificial conditions and thus give a lot of importance to each and every aspect. The most common fact is that the right amount of light helps the indoor plants either to grow healthily.

The HID grow lamps are the most ideal lighting for your plants as this gives an impression of the outdoor sunlight. The need for conserving energy is equally vital, and HID lamps have already been found to be great energy savers which save your money also. Because of their longer lasting characteristics they are more in demand than the halogen lights.

Your helmet is necessary safety equipment especially when you are riding in the night. There are numerous lights that are used for better viewing such as halogen, LED and HID. When you ride in the night you generally ride at increased speed.

The HID light throws a bright beam of light which covers longer distances and the white color that is emitted helps you to have a better view of your surroundings. Due to its positive features HID lamps are being used in helmets for games like mountain biking, snowmobiling and dirt biking.

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