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Table lamp product information

There are many home décor items available to spruce up even the dullest of rooms and add some style to your home. There aren't many home décor items available that can class up a room and add functionality at the same time, but the table lamp does both equally well. When decorating a room, you'll want to think about including a table lamp somewhere in the room to create a specific ambiance or achieve an overall decorating theme. Once you know all of the varieties of table lamp that you can buy, you'll be looking for reasons to buy a new table lamp for your favorite room.

Table lamp materials
The table lamp can be made from a wide range of materials. The base of a table lamp comes in materials such as steel, bronze, copper, and chrome. These materials make the table lamp stylish, but also ensure that the bases are sturdy and can stand up to years of use. The shades on table lamps can be made from fabrics, stained glass, or regular glass to create a number of decorating effects. Pairing a unique table lamp shade with an unusual table lamp base can create a conversation piece for your living room or dining room.

Table lamp styles

The table lamp comes in a wide range of decorative styles, from very minimal to extremely intricate in design. Simple table lamps are made in Colonial and mission styles, while more intricate lamps are part of the Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and contemporary movements. Each style of table lamp is characterized by the production techniques used and the appearance of the finished product. For example, Tiffany lamps are very distinctive because their shades are made from stained glass and come in one of seven traditional patterns.

Using the table lamp
The table lamp is ideal for use in several specific rooms of your home. The living room or den can benefit from a table lamp because family members often gather in these rooms to read a book or skim through the morning paper. Having a table lamp in these rooms will give them the task lighting they need to avoid eye strain and also allow you to add a decorative touch to the rooms. Bedrooms will also benefit from a table lamp. Having a table lamp next to your bed gives you lighting needed for reading or doing crafts. It also makes it possible for you to read in bed and then turn out the light without having to get out of bed and flip a light switch. In this case, having a table lamp available is a matter of convenience as well as a matter of style.

Choosing a table lamp
There are several factors to consider when you want to purchase a table lamp. One of those factors is your budget. The table lamp can cost anywhere from $10 at a discount store to hundreds of dollars when you purchase it directly from the manufacturer. If you're on a tight budget, you may want to browse consignment shops or check out yard sales to find slightly used table lamps for more affordable prices. You will also want to consider the decorating scheme in each room that you want to buy a table lamp for in your home. If your room is decorated in a specific theme, such as contemporary or Art Deco, you will want to buy a table lamp that matches the theme. When shopping, you may find a table lamp base that you really like, but it may have a shade that you don't care for. If this is the case, you can purchase the base and choose to buy another shade instead of using the one that comes with your table lamp.

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