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Neon lamp product information

We pass huge advertisement hoardings along the highway that attract our attention with their striking lights. We pause for a moment to check out a joint that is brightly illuminated with fascinating lights. These are due to a light called neon light. The neon lamp is a very effective way of attracting customers for business. The use of neon has become a way of life. Every shop that sells wares has neon signs blinking and inviting you to try their goods. This is a brilliant advertising idea to expand your business.

The discovery of neon was made by a French astronomer by the name of Jean Picard when he observed a weird phenomenon. He found out that the mercury in the barometer was emitting a light glow and when he shook the barometer the glow became more intense. Picard got into the act of further experimentation with other scientists.

In the year 1902 a Frenchman Georges Claude for the first time applied an electrical charge to the sealed tube containing neon gas for inventing the neon lamp but it was much later that he disclosed his invention in public in Paris. He started a company for the manufacture and sale of his invention. United States got its first neon lamp as signage for a Packard company in Los Angeles.

Thereafter the fame of neon lamp as signs spread far and wide and became the most popular advertising technique for outdoors. Due to its excellent luminosity characteristics during day and night these were in high demand and became very popular within no time.

Creating a neon lamp requires a lot of effort. The requirement is of glass tubes of different lengths and increased amounts of voltage, gases and heat. The neon lamp emits a reddish glow. The other colors are made using other gases such as Argon, Phosphor and Mercury. You will find that all the lights that are used for signs are neon lights.

The use of the neon lamps for all businesses is evident from the various signs that are on display. You will not find a single shop that does not have at least one neon lamp. These neon lamps are great for attracting customers. You can display what you are selling and make everlasting impacts.

The lights that you see at McDonald's and KFC would not be the same without the signs lit by the neon lamps. No one would even know about the existence of any business without the neon lamps guiding the people. These neon lamps are also great ways of advertising your product or your service in the night In fact they look brighter and more appealing in the night and can catch the attention easily. The affordability of these neon lamps has made them the ultimate weapon for advertising.

You can definitely add a touch of glamour by using neon lamps for your car. The lamps will make heads turn when you whiz past the streets in your car. Generally these are tubes that are fitted under the car. They light up the road under the car and give a different look altogether. It would seem as if you are flying on a red carpet above the ground. 

These products are extremely flexible and you can find various ways to use them. You can decorate the front or the rear of your car with these neon lamps along with some normal lights though using a single color is much better. With these neon lamps you can give a glowing effect to your wheels and give the impression of driving a hi-tech car. You can even set these lamps in the interior of your car to give a nice glowing effect.

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