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Fiber optic lighting product information

Fiber optic lighting works on the principle of an optical fiber which is composed of either glass or plastic and carries light across its overall length. The light remains in the core of the optical fiber. Take the example of a dense medium. When light travels within the medium, it comes into contact with a boundary at a particular angle where its reflection takes place. The very same effect is employed in the optical fibers. The light that is traveling within the fiber moves around and hits the boundary. The resulting brightness of the fiber optic lights is determined by the voltage of the light source and also the width of the fiber optic cables.

For fiber optic lighting fiber cables are used in place of the regular metal wires. In fact the fiber optic cables are used more specifically for the fiber optic architectural lighting. The fiber optic cables material is mostly plastic in nature which results in its flexibility. Other than that there is absence of glass, heat and electricity within the cable itself. One of the greatest advantages of fiber optic lighting is that there is a considerable amount of distance between the fibers and their end fittings, with the respective fittings having the ability of being preserved in one place for always. This means that as long as the actual source of light itself is within easy access, the ends of the fibers can be at any place ranging from the ceiling to the floor. They can also be built in the walls and the staircases for an illuminating effect.

This makes the fiber optic lighting the most favored and the most harmless type of lighting for lighting up the water and the swimming pools as it negates the electrocution risk. It also allows for the easy installation of the cable in the locations where the bulbs can otherwise not be placed owing to the perils associated with heat and electrical issues. Further still the fiber optic lighting ensures the separation of the electrical components from that of the actual light sources. This way there is an appropriate distance between the light source itself and the water. It allows for easy and hassle free installation of new bulbs for older ones without having to worry about the drainage and subsequent light bulb changing.

Fiber optic lighting is currently being used in several places and continues to gain recognition all across the globe with every passing day. Say for instance there are several museums that employ the usage of this sort of lighting for the illumination of the sealed display cases that hold their significant papers and sealed documents. In fact there are some museums that require the preservation and concealment of significant old documents in an air tight atmosphere that has controlled temperature and humidity. The fiber optic lighting is much useful in this particular situation as the fiber optic cable itself can be safely placed inside of the display case to light it with no heat discharge fro it.

Other than that it can also be used for the illumination of the ceiling in the form of tiny stars. This gives the effect of sleeping under a starry sky. It is popularly used for the decoration of children’s bedrooms’. Apart from the stars there are several other lighting designs as well that can be used anywhere, ranging from the bedroom and the washroom to the kitchen, to name a few. As the light output is easily separated from the electrical supply, it ensures safety and hence can be installed anywhere.

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