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Projector lamp product information

Projectors as you know are handy equipments that are widely used in offices, business meetings, and educational institutions. It can also be used for home. Projectors are usually for the benefit of a large number of people who have gathered for a common purpose. There are various types of projectors available in the market but the most commonly used ones are the LCD and DLP projectors.

The LCD projectors are popular because of its power to project sharp images with high resolution and superior quality. The DLP projectors are meant for video presentations on the more portable projectors which help increase the brightness of the image. A small compact projector is capable of producing bright images, although there are compromises made on the quality and sharpness of the images.

While handling the projector proper care has to be taken of the projector lamp as the cost of replacing these lamps are pretty high sometimes almost costing you the same price as your projector. Normally a projector lamp lasts for 2000 hours but those with eco-modes have an additional 1000 hours of benefit.

Digital projectors are capable of producing good quality images. The experience of watching something on a big screen is something unique. However if you do not take precautionary steps for safe handling of the projector lamps it could leave a bitter taste in your mouth. The projector lamp is not very durable even though they are a powerful source for projecting any image onto the screen.

Though the guarantee of the projector lamp is 2000 hours many do not last that long also. Some lamps also explode inside the projector. So here are some tips to ensure the longevity of your projector lamp. Always clean and check the air filter before you use them if it has been lying unused for quite some time. If there is accumulation of dust in the air filters it can result in the lamps getting overheated leading to explosions and even fire.

As much as your projector may be a prized possession for you, the task of maintaining it is much more. Here are some tips for increasing the life of your projector lamp. When you replace the projector lamp do not use your bare hands as you do for changing an ordinary bulb in your house.

The lamp of your projector is hotter than the regular ones and if you touch the lamp with naked hands you may leave oil traces on the surface of the lamp. The oil will burn and reduce the lamp’s life. Once the oil gets burnt the light that gets projected is diffused which diminishes the lumens which are being transferred to the refractive surface.

The light that is meant for projecting an image will not be sufficient and though you may not notice this in the beginning, the quality will start degrading and later make viewing impossible. It is advisable to allow the lamp to cool off completely and then turn off the projector. Turning it on and off repeatedly can put unnecessary load on the filament 

Leave your projector in place when it is being used. Do not make the mistake of moving it. The lamp when heated is in a very fragile state. So any kind of movement makes it extremely susceptible to damage. Thus when it is in use the lamp is heated which causes it to blow if it suffers any impact. Allow the lamp to cool off completely before you turn it off. Have the inside of your projector cleaned by your dealer every year to remove any dust.

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