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Rope lighting product information

The desire to use lights as decoration for the house has brought in many ingenious ideas and development of many types of lighting systems. In today’s modern existence there is neither a dearth of a lighting system nor the objects or areas that need to be lit. Over the years rope lighting has become immensely popular and is used for various occasions.

Rope lighting features
The rope lights can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. These lights are made of transparent cable which is highly flexible with tiny bulbs attached to it. Rope lighting can be used inside your home such as for decorating the walls, the staircases, railings, your Christmas tree or any other item.

Due to its tenacious capability rope lighting is ideal for outdoor use that can help illuminate the areas immersed in darkness. The versatility of these rope lights will floor you. You can use them to form names of people or arrange them in a way to make alphabets. You can use them to form any shape. There is a variety of colors that you can choose from such as blue, red, gold, purple, green etc.

Rope lighting for your outdoors
You can decorate your garden, porch, patio, door and anything that you want to with rope lighting. The rope lights which are meant for outdoor use are designed for longer periods of wear and tear before they get burnt out. The best part is that these lights are warm to touch but not hot enough to singe you.

Thus these can be used safely. These lights can also be used to light your swimming pool at night. So when you have a party it enhances the look all the more. You can also light up your driveway with rope lighting and give your surroundings a lovely warm glow when you drive in. It is a great idea to use rope lighting for advertisement hoardings also.

You can make your campsite look pretty with these tiny bulbs shining bright against the dark sky or even light up your boat to impress your date and make the evening more enticing. Have a barbecue party with rope lighting all over the place and watch the evening turn into a fun filled one.

Using LED rope lights
You can opt for the LED rope lights if you are conscientious about preserving the environment. However, the LED ropes do not come cheap because of the process used in manufacturing them unlike the incandescent bulbs. In the LED bulbs there is no use of filament but are bulbs which are in solid conditions. These LED ropes can last upto 10 years without emitting any heat.

You can use the LED rope lights for commercial purposes where they look new no matter how long they have been installed without any maintenance or replacement worries. These are good one time buys which saves your money. Unless there is danger from high temperatures your LED rope lights can be used outdoors without any concerns.

The LED rope lights consume less energy also but that does not mean that they lack in luminosity. In fact they burn brighter than the traditional rope lights. You can also connect them to a solar powered battery which can help transform the solar energy into electrical energy during the day and be stored in the battery for lighting the LED rope lights in the night.

Some tips for using the rope lighting
The rope lighting for outdoors is powered by the main switch. So you need to ensure a weatherproof socket for your rope lights whether you use them indoors or outdoors. Remember that during the time of installation the length cannot be cut. These have be cut in the factory with ends that are properly sealed.

Do not overheat the rope lights or keep them in overlapped positions when installing. Keep them away from the sources of heat such as chimneys, stoves, heaters, wood stoves etc. Do not put too much load on your rope lights by going beyond the maximum length and wattage. Ensure that they are not susceptible to any circuit faults in the ground and avoid using cracked or damaged rope lights.

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