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Submersible light product information

Submersible light is light that can be used underwater for various purposes such as enhancing the look of an outdoor feature like a pool or a water fountain. The submersible light can also be used for several activities like catching fish in the night or for going for a swim in the pool during nightfall. There are few things you need to consider before you install the submersible light.

The features of submersible light
You should make a note of the water quality that you are planning to install your submersible light in. Using submersible light in muddy waters will defeat the purpose of this task and only highlight the poor condition of your water. Submersible lights work best in clear waters where the different effects are highlighted.

Sometimes it is a good idea to light up the plants and other surrounding features in the water rather than focusing on the water. Lighting from top at an angle creates mirror like reflections on the surface of the water and this effect is more pronounced when the water is darker. Submersible lighting can also be used to emanate a soft glow on the water's surface especially when water lilies are floating around.

When you use the submersible light from above you can create the most amazing effects when you place the light atop a tree at an angle focusing on the feature either from front or behind. If you are using the light from behind this creates the shadow effect of the source and gives a totally new look to the source.

When you use the submersible light to use as a spotlight you can place it in front of the source and angle it upwards. This effect is best when you want to catch the movement of the water when the light ripples over the source.

Submersible light for various water sources
If you have a fountain you can beautify it by installing the submersible light with the source in the water and at an angle upwards to the fountain. The light will capture the air bubbles produced by the highly chaotic water motions causing them to glow in the dark.

To watch the full impact of your waterfall with lights place the submersible light behind the waterfall illuminating it from behind. This gives a totally different look to your waterfall. You can also accentuate your waterfall’s beauty by illuminating the plants and rocks surrounding the waterfall rather than illuminating the water.

Water Walls
Water walls that are hanging from the wall’s surface can be highlighted to bring in the best effect by placing the light from inside the water surface. You can place the submersible light at an angle on the wall which will create some of the most terrific effects when the light ripples on the water against the wall’s surface. If the water flows away from the wall you can illuminate the water from behind.

Lighting up the pools
For those of you who love going for a swim in the night you can create some spectacular effects with the submersible lights. You can choose to illuminate your pool in various ways. If you want the mood lights then you cannot opt for the choose in-pool lights.

If you want to go for swimming laps then mood lighting or color fixed lighting won’t work. There are several lights to choose from with unique specifications such as the Amerlight that is highly in demand and the Amerquartz that lasts longer.

You can also get the Hayward lights that are famous for their patterns and wattage. Then you can even use the slimlites which are preferred for their slim and shallow fittings. These slimlites can be easily accommodated in places with a space crunch when lighting your pool.

The Spa Brite do not radiate much light and can be used for smaller pools You can also use the electrical ground terminal lighting for lighting your swimming pool either above or under the water.

Catching Crappie
Fishing at night is one of the favorite games and submersible lighting helps in catching bait fish that attract game fish such as the Crappie.

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