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Accent lamp product information

A highly decorative accent lamp is a staple in artificial lighting fixtures for the home and office. The accent lamp should not be confused with accent lighting. The use of accent lighting is the specialized placement of lighting fixtures, which is used to illuminate and draw attention to a painting on a wall or an interior architectural detail in a room such as a distinctive fireplace that a homeowner wishes to highlight. In contrast, the accent lamp is usually a smaller, decorative version of the classic table lamp, which can provide general ambient lighting as well as task lighting.

Accent lamp features
The accent lamp is a traditional table lamp which is a portable lighting fixture placed on a table, providing artificial lighting for a small area. The smaller size of the base and lamp shade is what sets the accent lamp apart from the standard table lamp. The accent lamp is typically smaller in both width and height dimensions, ranging from 4 inches to 24 inches in height, with the width of the shade ranging from 4 inches to 24 inches. Accent lamps can be categorized as adjustable lamps, desk lamps, mini or micro mini lamps.

The distinguishing features of an accent lamp are small size and decorative elements. The accent lamp has all the usual features of a portable table lamp; it consists of a stand, a base made from various materials, neck, socket, shade and harp attachment. A decorative finial atop the shade is also a common accent lamp feature. The decorative features of an accent lamp are a major consideration of interior decorating to define and accent the design style of a home.

Accent lamp base
The base of an accent lamp is often highly elaborate and created with unique materials such as, wrought iron, metal with a burnished patina, ceramic, wood with decorative finishes, stains and paints, and brass, just to name a few. The decorative nature of the accent lamp base is only limited by one’s imagination and creative flair. Ecological materials are also seen in accent lamp bases. Recycled materials produce a modern lamp base, which compliments low-key interior design.

Accent lamp shade

The accent lamp shade is small, not exceeding 14 inches. The idea is to not take up too much room on the table, while providing a decorative fixture that complements and enhances the interior design. The standard portable lamp shade can be of a translucent material, opaque, and decorative glass. Whatever the shade material, it should function to provide a shield for the artificial light source to redirect the ambient lighting and provide decorative embellishing. Shade materials can range from, linen, silk, paper, vinyl and ornamental stained and cut glass. The shade on an accent lamp should extend to cover about three-quarters of the base and should be wider than the base.

Decorative styles
The accent lamp is an integral part of any home decorating project, and is available in a variety of design styles. Accent lamps encompass Victorian, Colonial, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Country and all types of modern design styles. The classic accent lamp is typically of a Tiffany inspired design which features elaborate stained glass shades and intricate bases in bronze or brass finishes. Tiffany style accent lamps can easily be blended into most interior decorating schemes.

Colonial and Country accent lamps, often having simpler shades, may also be adorned with painted stencils. The base of a Colonial or Country style accent lamp can be wrought iron, wood or metal in various antique finishes. Modern accent lamps are often architecturally distinct with many forms and shapes that make a modern statement.

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