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Touch lamp product information

The touch lamp is a type of artificial electric lighting device, most often a portable lamp, which employs a touch control. A touch sensitive light fixture is designed to be sensitive to human touch, which controls turning the light fixture on and off, as well as the level of illumination. Touch lamps encompass all types of light fixtures, particularly portable table lamps, in all shapes and sizes and wall-mounted fixtures. Any type of lighting fixture can make use of a touch sensitive fixture control. Many touch lamps are used as smaller portable table lamps.

Touch lamps also are produced to provide all types of artificial lighting such as general ambient lighting which provides overall illumination of a room, and task lighting which provides more concentrated lighting used for reading or a specific task. A touch lamp light fixture serves both of these lighting categories, and offers ease in operation to quickly illuminate an area. A standard switch is not needed for touch sensitive lamps.

Touch lamps are based on the property of capacitance, which is the ability of a light fixture to become charged with electrons. Every human body has the capacity to hold and store electrons, and a touch lamp make use of this element of a human body. A capacitance light switch is composed of one electronic electrode, which is mounted behind a non-conductive material such as a wood, a plastic covering or even a glass covering.

The electrical switches inside a touch lamp are wired with an alternating current, which is immediately powered by a human touch. The human body is composed of a great deal of water, which is a natural conductor of electricity. A human touch to the lamp charges the lamp with electrons and the touch lamp oscillator becomes powered up to produce illumination.

The switch is designed to be sensitive to human touch, and is thereby turned on and off by a simple touch of the finger. Touch lamps are much easier to operate for children, the disabled and the elderly population. A touch by a finger is all that is needed to set off a mechanical connection to produce illumination. Many touch lamps also have the added capacity of different levels of illumination, without the need for a three-way bulb. Multiple touches can power up the incandescent bulb at different settings.

Most touch lamps are designed with three settings, which include a low dim setting, a softer glow, medium setting, and a task or reading high setting. Usually a person will need to touch anywhere on the base of the lamp to achieve these helpful illumination settings. Most areas of a touch lamp are sensitive to touch and will operate the lamp including, the base, shade and neck of the touch lamp.

Many different styles and sizes of portable table lamps are available with touch sensitive technology. Some floor lamps also employ a touch lamp design. Simple desk and reading lamps, more elaborate tiffany style table and accent lamps are available in today’s marketplace as touch lamps. Touch lamps are particularly desirable for use as a convenient bedside light fixture, which can be easily turned on and off in darker settings.

Since the touch switch is not an open switch, it is less prone to become encased in dirt and dust, which can damage standard light fixture switches. Some touch lamps can become over sensitive, and can turn on unexpectedly at times. It is recommended that touch lamps make use of a power strip to prevent it from being powered on from outside movement or electrical interference.

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