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Recessed lighting product information

Recessed lighting is the system of installing lighting into walls with only the light being thrown and no other part of the fixture being displayed. Usually recessed fittings make use of concealed wiring and needs planning during the construction process. Normally recessed lighting is placed above the ceiling to emanate a radiant glow by using wide angled floodlights or narrow spotlights.

Recessed lighting gives an enhanced look
In recessed lighting the light glows from just above the surface of your ceiling and does not focus downwards. The use of recessed lighting gives your room a chic elegant demeanor and helps in creating the right ambience. These fixtures are not at all expensive but can give an equally rich feel to the whole setting. Recessed lighting is also known as pot lights or can lights due to the reason that the source of light is within a can.

Recessed lighting has been in use since the fifties but it is only recently that it is gaining popularity due to its versatile nature. It can be used with other lighting accessories to accentuate the intricately carved designs on your chandeliers and also provide light in the room. You can even use this lighting to draw the attention to any design or decoration in your room like a wall art or furniture.

Places that recessed lighting can be used
Recessed lighting is a regular in residential dwellings. This can be used in the bedroom, or the kitchen or even the hallway. You can even use this type of lighting for the bathroom or the study. With adjustable control systems you can intensify the light or diminish it depending on the area that you are using.

You would not require a bright light in a bathroom, but a dim light in the kitchen would be futile. You can even use recessed lighting for your front porch which will throw light on your front door.  Dining rooms are beautifully accentuated when you use recessed lighting. These lights can also be used above showers and whirlpools. You can use them to illuminate your furniture and any decorative item in your house.

The kitchen is the most relevant area that can benefit enormously from recessed lighting. You can use them above the kitchen sinks, inside the storage spaces or below the hanging cabinets. Ensure that recessed lighting is above your working area to avoid creating any hindrances such as shadows.

Things to consider
Recessed lighting can create a different look provided you use it strategically. This lighting can be used in your study with the right amount of light to create the right ambience. You need intense lights for your workstations. You can also use recessed lighting at an angle to focus on a portion of your house. You can highlight the space above your fireplace or illuminate an art piece.

When you are mounting recessed lighting ensure safe electric wiring. Do not use recessed lighting in insulated ceilings. Placing your lighting close to each other or in a line is not a good idea. Professionals recommend the placement of these lights far apart due to the expansive width of the light.

The use of the right type of bulbs is equally important as the fitting itself. The voltage and the size depends on the area that you would be using this light. This will determine the intensity and amount of light that will be given. A hallway would require a low voltage bulb than a bathroom bulb. A compact fluorescent bulb is preferable than the incandescent bulb.

If you find the installation procedure complicated you will need to take the help of a professional who knows how to install the light and can determine the need in specific areas for this type of lighting. Faulty placement of lights can lead to health problems like blood pressure and headaches due to over-exposure to the lights.

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