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Lamp shade product information

If you need new lamp shades for your existing lamps or you have replaced your lamps and need new lamp shades as well, you may be surprised by how many options there are to choose from. When you begin shopping you'll see that there are many different styles as well as materials that lamp shades come in and it can all be a little bit overwhelming. If you get too overwhelmed you may even want to make your own lamp shades, which is really doable as well!

When you begin looking at lamp shades you may see that there are just a couple different varieties where shape is concerned. In fact, the actual shape of the lamp shades are usually called bell, curl, cube, or drum. You will be able to tell the difference between them simply by looking at the shape. You will know instantly what sort of shape you are attracted to or what would work best in a room based on other design elements but you may still be perplexed.

You may still be confused because there are so many different materials that lamp shades are made from or decorated with. A lamp shade is basically a frame on which material is stretched from the top to the bottom in different diameters based on the wire frame. It is the size ratio as well as the length of the frame and the material that deters whether the shape is a drum, coolie, or an empire length. In addition there are hardback lamp shades that have fabric on the outside but plastic on the inside, which allows for light to filter out and illuminate the room.

Lamp shades can come in many different materials ranging from tin, to paper, shells, stained glass, ribbon, and more. There truly is no limit to the way that lamp shades can be decorated and this may mean that there is a lot to choose from. The first thing you should do when shopping is to focus in on the style and the length of the shade that you like and then find the shade of that style that is decorated or colored in a way that appeals to you and will go with the rest of the décor in the room where it will be placed. This will allow you to weed out all of the possibilities in a somewhat straight forward manner, leaving just a few choices instead of an overwhelming number.

You will also need to look at the lamp shades based on what they can do for you. For instance, you may need to choose a different kind of lamp shade for task lighting than you would for mood lighting. Task lighting usually just requires a glass globe to emit enough light to see well. On the other hand, you may want to choose an accordion style lamp shade or a paper lamp shade if you just need a bit of mood lighting.

As you can see, there are a lot of options when you shop for lamp shades. To get an idea of what is really out there, you will need to shop around. This may require that you visit several different websites or locations locally to get an idea of what is available, or you may just need to look around until something catches your eye. There are thousands of different options for you to choose from in the way of style, shape, length, color, and function. You just need to keep shopping until you find what you are looking for, because it is out there!

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