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Under cabinet lighting product information

If you have been looking for a simple and effective way to add lighting to your home, under cabinet lighting is a great option. The reason for this is that the under cabinet lighting can not only add a decorative touch to your kitchen, it can also add the work light or task lighting that you need to comfortably work in the kitchen. When you install under cabinet lighting in your kitchen you will literally be able to bask your countertops in functional light. Luckily, these lights are very easy to install so the average homeowner can make this is do it yourself project, saving themselves money while getting the look and feel that they want in the kitchen.

Did you know that under cabinet lighting can be used in any room of the home where the wall cabinets hang over the counter tops? This type of lighting is not only useful in the kitchen but it can also be useful in the bathrooms, over a bar area, and even in a garage or basement. These lights actually do away with all of the shadows that exist when the cabinets hang over the counter tops, making the space much more usable.

If you have granite or stone counter tops you will find that you need under cabinet lighting in the kitchen or other work surfaces. The reason for this is that these counter tops often look the best when they are illuminated by some sort of direct light and these counter top materials are often darker in color, making shadows even more noticeable, taking away from the usability of the surface even with overhead lighting. Quite simple, under cabinet lighting is the best type of task lighting that you will find for a counter space.

To install your under cabinet lighting you need to have a power source. It is easy to create a power source if you are remodeling your kitchen, but if you are simply interested in adding the lighting you may be able to pull power from the attic or even from another part of the kitchen. If you bring it down from the attic you can often run a hot wire from the attic through a piece of molding to the cabinets. If you have an outlet nearby you may also be able to pull the power from this source.

It is a good idea when you are installing the lights to center them under the cabinet doors and you will also want to keep the lights as close the front wall of the cabinet as possible so you get the full benefit of the lights when you are working under them. You'll simply install each light by screwing them into the bottom of the cabinet with ½ inch screws.

Next you will need to wire everything. If you buy an under cabinet lighting kit you will find that it is quite easy to wire the lights as they are already put together and all you need to do is follow some basic instructions. Many times you simply need to drill down from inside of the cabinet and do all of the wiring in an empty space below the shelf of the cabinet. If there is no space or recess, you will do all of the wiring from the top of the cabinet.

After you have completed the wiring you will want to install the switch. You will install the hot wire to the switch. Then you will tie in the neutral wire to the white wire that comes from the house. The black wire will go to the other side of the switch. When you have completed this you are done and you now should be able to restore power to the breaker and flip your under cabinet lights on and enjoy them.

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