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Kitchen lighting product information

When you bought your home the first thing you likely noticed was the kitchen and the bathrooms. There is a reason for this, and the reason is that we spend a lot of time in our kitchens and bathrooms and we want them not only to function well but also look good, too. Lighting is a big part of making a home feel great as well as be more functional. There are many different types of kitchen lighting for you to choose from, and the right choice is all dependent upon the area and what you nee the lighting for.

One tip that every homeowner should know while considering kitchen lighting is that you usually cannot get all of the light that you need by installing one overhead light in the kitchen. Sure, it will provide light but it will not give you the task lighting that you need when you are chopping foods, reading recipes, or doing general preparation. Overhead lighting is limited in what it can do, and it won't help you set the mood either. Many times the overhead lighting is either too dim or too bright, neither of which is appropriate for the kitchen.

Recessed lighting can be a great option when shopping for kitchen lighting for your space. Recessed lighting can provide you with both the task lighting as well as the mood lighting that you want for the kitchen area. Just make sure when you are installing the lights that you are not installing them generically anywhere in the ceiling, instead you should install them where the light is needed. A generic grid of recessed lights is not anymore helpful than an overhead light. Proper placement of recessed lights can really give you all of the light that you need in the kitchen.

If you have a work area where you need more light you may find that pendant lights are a great option. Pendant lights are those that hang down from the ceiling to give more direct light. This is a great option over the sink and over a bar or island workspace. This will not only give you the light that you need but it will look great too, as pendant lighting comes in many different styles and colors.

When you are considering kitchen lighting you need to look at a couple different options instead of looking for just one to provide you with all of the illumination that you need. First and foremost you need to consider task lighting. A great way to bring task lighting into the kitchen is with under cabinet lighting. This type of lighting shines directly down onto the countertop workspace so it doesn't matter what you are doing, you will have all of the light that you need to get your work done.

In addition, you need to think about ambient lighting. This is the type of lighting that will make your kitchen feel warm and inviting. A nice place to add a bit of ambient lighting to soften the appearance of the harsh lines or shadows in the kitchen is above the cabinets, if they do not reach all the way to the ceiling.

When buying kitchen lighting you need to consider accent lighting. You can add a bit of accent lighting inside of glass cabinets, recessed lighting, and low voltage style light fixtures. Accent lighting will help to give your kitchen added depth as well as much needed dimension. This type of light is often overlooked but really can help to dress up the kitchen space and make it feel more comfortable, classy, and inviting.

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