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Desk lamp product information

Desk lamps are a feature of both commercial and home offices, designed to shed light over small areas. A desk lamp is a task lighting fixture, a particular style of lamp that is designed to illuminate your work area. There are different types of lamps and they differ in size and design depending on the purpose they are intended for and who is using them. One of the main differences between desk lamps and other types of table lamps is the fact that desk lamps are generally adjustable. Very often a table lamp is chosen to compliment the interior decoration of a room and is valued more for its attractiveness than its ability to provide illumination. While the appearance of a desk lamp may be a consideration its adaptability is more important.

When a person is studying or is engaged in some other activity that requires close work then an adjustable or anglepoise desk lamp is a huge advantage as the light can be directed exactly where you need it most. Students may prefer the smaller, inexpensive desk lamps that are available as they work quite well on flat surfaces, these have a flexible neck that can be bent and lowered to where the light is needed most. These lamps are made of metal, the bendable neck is covered in plastic, this type of desk lamp is usually available in a range of colors and is suitable for most students’ working arrangements.

Anglepoise are a particular type of desk lamp and these are generally more sophisticated than those found on many students’ desks. The anglepoise lamp was specially designed by a motor engineer to imitate the joints of the human arm. Usually the joints are designed to work with a spring tension which enables the user to adjust the lamp into many different positions without moving it from where it is placed. The construction of the lamp is designed to counteract the forces of gravity and prevent the lamp from tipping without the need for a clamp. This plain, functionalist design was first manufactured in the nineteen thirties and is still in evidence in many commercial and home offices today. Anglepoise lamps often come in satin finish metal as well as single colors.

Desk lamps often come with halogen bulbs as these provide a brighter light, however, these bulbs do not suit everyone and they can be overly harsh – although they often come with a dimmer switch. Many people find that a lamp with a high wattage incandescent bulb provides a less harsh illumination. Yet another option for task lighting is an LED lamp, which again will enable you to focus a strong light where you need it. Probably the best combination in a desk lamp is a daylight spectrum bulb, dimmer switch and flexible neck.

Nowadays many people swear by SAD desk lights, which are really the same thing as the daylight spectrum bulbs mentioned above. SAD stands for seasonal affective disorder and it has been found that a particular form of lighting can help people who suffer with this disorder. A SAD desk light is not only designed to illuminate your work, it is meant to provide the special type of light that is needed to help the body function as it should. This enables people who are affected by the gray days that are a result of changing seasons to get at least some of the light therapy that they need; after a time the light can be dimmed and it operates like any other desk lamp.

If you are looking for a desk lamp then you might want to do some research to find the best deal you can get for the type of lamp you want.

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