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Tiffany lamp product information

There are many decorative styles that you can choose for the rooms in your home. Those who like more modern lines and colors may choose to decorate in a contemporary theme. The mission style theme is also very popular and easily recognized with its distinct style. One style that was very popular several decades ago is gaining in popularity. That movement is Art Nouveau, a movement where artists were involved with every aspect of art creation, from furniture making to painting. One of the most memorable types of décor to emerge from that movement were Tiffany lamps. Tiffany lamps are beautiful pieces of décor that can complement a home office, living room, den, or any other room beautifully.

Tiffany lamps defined
Tiffany lamps are lamps that have shades made out of stained glass. The stained glass is held together with copper foil, creating a beautiful effect that shines when the lamp is lit. The first known Tiffany lamp was created at the very end of the 1800s and had a bronze base with the stained glass shade. Original Tiffany lamps can fetch millions of dollars at auction, confirming their place in history as one of the most distinctive and treasured pieces of the Art Nouveau movement.

Tiffany lamps history
Created in 1895, the first Tiffany lamps were produced in sets. However, there is no record available of how many of the Tiffany lamps were created. One of the most desirable characteristics of Tiffany lamps is that they were handmade by skilled tradesmen instead of being manufactured by machinery. As a result, each of the Tiffany lamps was unique and had special qualities. Two of Louis Tiffany's associates designed Tiffany lamps that had flowers and butterflies on them, creating an even more unique look. 

Tiffany lamps styles
Many Tiffany lamps were produced over about two decades, including lamps with an irregular upper and lower border, favrile lamps, geometric patterns, flowered cone lamps, flowered globe lamps, and transition to flowers lamps. Each of these styles had very distinctive characteristics. The irregular upper and lower border Tiffany lamps have irregular crown edges that emulate trees, branches, or shrubs. Favrile refers to handcrafted, and the Favrile stamp was eventually replaced with Louis Tiffany's initials. The geometric style is very self-explanatory. Geometric shapes were used to create colorful patterns on Tiffany lamps. The transition to flowers, flowered globe, and flowered cone Tiffany lamps all relate to nature and use some form of botanical element.

Buying tiffany lamps
Very few original Tiffany lamps exist in the Twenty-First Century, and those that are remaining are so pricey that very few people can afford to purchase and enjoy them. However, many manufacturers offer reproduction Tiffany lamps that can be bought for a fraction of the price. If you decide to purchase one of these reproduction Tiffany lamps, you will want to pay particular attention to the quality of the lamps and how closely they emulate the originals. You can get some good reproductions, but there are some unscrupulous dealers who will try to sell very poor replicas for a profit.

Tiffany lamps can add a touch of style and elegance to any room in your home. Research available reproductions of Tiffany lamps and you will be able to spruce up even the most bland living room or den.

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