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HID bulbs product information

Aside from your home, you also need light fixtures for your vehicles as well. And just like the chandeliers, the lamps, and the flex track lightings illuminates each and every room while giving style at the same time, car owners also want their vehicles to be stylish and functional as well. That is why aside from the halogen lights and LED lights, there are also other HID bulbs that can be installed in the headlamps and rear lamps of your vehicles.

The term HID is actually an abbreviation for High Intensity Discharge. This simply refers to the lighting technology that depends on the electrical charge so that it can ignite the contained xenon gas placed in a sealed bulb. The technology used in the HID bulbs can be compared to the technology used in the vapor-filled lamps at the street. Aside from that, the HID bulbs do not have a filament. The light from these bulbs were created when arcs between two electrodes ignite. It was called as the HID bulbs because of its produced white light through the help of the electrical discharge. Some people also call the HID bulbs as the Xenon lamps. For several years now, these HID bulbs or xenon lamps are used in stadiums as well as other sports arenas all over the world.

It was only in the year 1991 that the HID bulbs were used in the vehicles, specifically sports cars. Because of its functionality, the HID bulbs were always compared with the halogen lights. Both of these light fixtures are commonly seen and used in sleek looking cars. However, when you compare the HID bulbs to the halogen lamps, you will see that the HID bulbs are 200 percent brighter compared to the halogen lamps. Therefore, if it is used in vehicles, more road areas are covered by the brightness of the bulb. The illumination of the HID bulbs is quite similar to the day light. As a result, the eyes of the driver may easily adapt to the natural driving as well as viewing conditions. With the help of the xenon lamps or HID bulbs, driving during the day or during the night becomes even more relaxing and secure at the same time.

But just like other vehicle headlights, the HID bulbs can also be adjusted as well. This is necessary in order to adjust to the different road conditions. Aside from that, this is required so that the vehicle with HID bulbs will not dazzle other drivers that are on the road. Xenon lamps can be used in high beam as well as low beam applications. There is a leveling system that automatically adjusts itself in the standard HID bulbs for the vehicles. It would adjust the headlights permanently to the various driving situations. If this lighting system is combined with the benefits of the HID bulbs, it will provide the road an optimum illumination no matter what the driving situation is.

There are several countries as well as areas in United States where washing systems are required if you are using HID bulbs in your vehicles. This is to ensure that the lenses are always clean and it would consistently give off a well distributed light.

In Europe, cleaning systems for the headlights with HID bulbs were required since 1996. But it was only in 2006 that these washing systems were integrated in Japan.

If your vehicle does not have HID bulbs yet, there are several HID bulb kits that you can purchase online or offline. These HID or Xenon kits can be easily installed in your car's headlamp even if you don’t seek the help of a professional mechanic.

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