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Headlight bulb product information

There are may choices available to car owners when it come to choosing headlight bulb that serve as the necessary illumination on the road for safety purposes as well as for the intention of beautifying one's vehicle. Drivers no longer have to settle for conventional amber colored bulbs with the arrival of halogen lights, xenon light and HID. There are also projector headlamps and cool violet lights for added sportiness in vehicles such as SUVs and sports car.

A dimmed or problematic headlight bulb should ideally be replaced at the first available opportunity to prevent inadequate illumination on the road. Start by sourcing for new headlamp bulbs. A car manual will explain the type of bulb what would be compatible as replacements. Common reason for a headlight to not light up is a blown fuse although sometimes cleaning the casing and reflector is sufficient to bring a dimmed light back to full strength again.  In case of an accident, the entire light may require changing.

Getting a mechanic to change a headlight bulb is completely unnecessary if not time consuming since the car needs to be sent to the garage. Most of the time, this can be done in a few minutes with a little effort. When attempting to replace a headlight bulb, it is important to not touch the glass of the bulb regardless if it is HID or Xenon bulb as this will shorten the lifespan of the bulb. Special attention should be paid to the reattaching of the head lamp cover as failure to do may result in air vapor accumulated inside the transparent cover.

In the race to getting the brightest headlight bulb, it is crucial to note that brighter and higher voltage bulbs do not last as long as those with a lower voltage. It is true that brighter headlight bulb will put less strain on the eyes to focus on the road. Driving in bad weather is also easier with a powerful headlight bulb in white. Such are the advantages of white, bright headlight bulbs as long one does not endanger others with it. Under the guidelines outlined by the Department of Transportation, a high headlight beam should not exceed 60 watts. Although increased wattage comes with increased brightness, getting a higher wattage bulb may not be the best solution. Besides breaking regulations, it may be possible that one's car wiring is not made to withstand such load and heat.

While HID (High Intensity Discharge) were the latest craze and come packaged with bigger and more luxurious cars, most self-upgrade kits are not legal. One could be slapped with a fine if caught with one that is not sold together with the original car. Although HID is three times as intense as normal halogen light, it also have a lifespan that is 10 times as long. These are the ones which produces cool bluish or violet light. Since brightness is a major requirement in selecting a headlight bulb, selecting one with clear glass will yield better results.

Another alternative that only claimed to come with a fraction of the normal cost for HID are xenon lights that produce white light. Xenon lights are the improved version of halogen light. However, with the added xenon gas in high pressure to the usual halogen to prevent overheating, halogen regeneration rate increase tremendously, producing very bright light in return. There are much confusion with the term Xenon bulb that is commonly referred to as Xenon HID bulb when it is two separate thing altogether. This term is usually used to highlight the advantage of this Xenon bulb variety which is suppose to simulate HID properties. The fact really is the light amount associated with Xenon light is not anywhere near that of HID, although it does produce cool light that is white in color.

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