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UV lamp product information

UV or Ultra Violet is well known as rays of light that can cause damage if excessively exposed to it. There is increasing awareness of UV lights and use of precautionary measures to help escape its wrath. You too must be using UV lotions and sunglasses to keep the harmful effects from your body. Here we focus on a different aspect of this harmful element – that of giving you benefits. Yes! You have read correctly. UV can be useful in many ways. The UV light lamp can help in bringing many positive changes.

Understanding UV light
To know why these rays are so harmful you have to understand its constitution. The UV lights are existing wavelengths between the light that you see and the x-rays that are present on the electromagnetic spectrum. The UV light is classified into 3 groups – A, B & C. UV-A and UV-B are the light rays that enable you to get a suntan while UV-C has intense energy and causes damage

Because of its powerful effect the UV-C light can penetrate any cell and attack the DNA which is responsible for guiding the activities in all living cells. We all know that the air we breathe and the water that we drink is infested with microorganisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye and can cause severe infections to our body

Thus the UV-C light prevents the cell from reproducing. So whatever microorganisms that are found either in the air or in water cannot breed further if exposed to these UV-C lights and thus avoids any infection.

The UV light lamp helps maintain the hygiene of your home
The air conditioning and heating systems that you use in your daily life are hosts and breeding grounds for major pollutants such as mold, mildew, bacteria and other compounds that have harmful characteristics. The use of the UV light lamp stunts the growth of the mold and mildew by attacking the DNA of these micro-organisms.

The UV light lamp makes these micro-organisms incapable of further reproduction. Once the UV light penetrates and damages the DNA constitution of these bacteria all sorts of smells and odors that used to be produced from the heating and air conditioning systems stops thus making your home free from these pollutants and ensures hygienic conditions.

How does the UV light lamp work?
The UV light lamp is installed adjacent to the evaporator coil as this is the place where the moisture is produced the most. Due to advanced technology that are suitable for in-duct systems the mounting options have become more flexible thus saving on the installation time. The UV light lamp that is further from the evaporator coil does not produce the desired effects due to its weak power.

So the closer the UV light lamp is to the evaporator coil the better results you will get. However you should also take precaution and ensure safety of your eyes and skin from the ultraviolet light. If you manage to install them properly with covered ducts then it should not be any cause of concern.

The maintenance of the UV light lamp is very easy with just periodic checks. Thus you can save on your expenses with furnace maintenance. It is advisable to clean your ducts and have your filters duly replaced before installing the UV light lamp.

UV light for water purification
The UV light lamp works in the same manner for preventing the growth of micro-organisms that contaminate the water. In order to purify and filter different flow rates of water with different conditions there are models of differing sizes. For waters with higher flow rates you need a longer UV light lamp to ensure the right amount of UV dose is applied. For slower flow rates you can use the short UV lamp as the treated water remains for a longer duration in the UV system.

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