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Task lights product information

Using the appropriate lighting for your home is the most crucial thing. At home the lighting should complement the décor, enhance the overall surroundings, set the right mood and make it very pleasing. A lighting system which is unsuitable for any room fosters a lot of negative emotions.

You should also consider the cost and the energy efficiency factors when choosing the right fixtures. There are many types of lighting such as ambient lighting, track lighting, recessed lighting, accent lighting and others. Here we discuss some vital points regarding task lights. The task lights should be the primary source of light providing 5 times more light than the ambient light.

The purpose of task lights
Task lights are meant for accomplishing certain tasks. By using these task lights you will achieve your purpose such as reading, cooking, shaving etc. The main aim of using task lights is to provide you with adequate light to help you complete your task that you are doing at that moment.

These lights should not be glaring and should help you to go around your tasks without causing a strain on your eyes. The various types that can be categorized under task lights are pendant lights, valance lighting, portable and cabinet lighting fixtures.
Pendant lighting can serve the purpose of task lights as well as ambient lights. They are fitted with shades to prevent the glare and can be used for hanging above the dining tables, kitchen counters, game tables and any work area. Using pendants as your task lights you can keep your adjoining space free from table lamps. You can also use a controller for dimming the lights when not needed.

Places to use task lights
The bathroom is your refuge where you can relax and wash away all your concerns. You use the bathroom for helping you unwind other than performing your daily tasks. In the bathroom your vanity area requires good amount of lighting. You need sufficient light for performing your daily tasks like shaving and make-ups. It is advisable to have lights on the sides rather than shining from up above.

These types of lighting arrangements throw light on your face without casting any shadows. Having a concave mirror lit up near the vanity mirror helps to enlarge the image on the mirror and the extra light will help you in sprucing yourself for the day.

The kitchen is an important area where food is prepared and the use of proper lighting is required so that you do not face any hassles. The kitchen can be very challenging while choosing the appropriate lights because of the various shelves and cabinets, different appliances and utilitarian items.

You should first determine those areas that require task lights such as counters, sinks and tables. These areas should be illuminated without any shadows. The small lights that are fixed under the cabinets are ideal task lights for pantries. You can also use spotlights, fluorescent tubes or directional lights.

Task Lights for your Dens
Dens are special rooms in your home where you spend quality time with your family and friends without any interruptions. Thus this room’s atmosphere should be one of relaxation and fun. You indulge in a lot of activities that if done collectively gives greater pleasure such as playing games, reading, watching TV. Thus you need proper task lights for your den lighting.

For this you can use the floor lamps or the table lamps. Everybody’s mood gets spoilt if the lights are too bright and blinding. Also having a dimmer switch proves to be beneficial. This helps you to adjust the light setting of your den and make it congenial and apt.

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