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Tanning lamp product information

A tanning lamp is a type of light that is usually used in a tanning bed or booth. In many areas the tanning lamp is also referred to as a tanning bulb or even a tanning tube but all of them are the same type of bulb that is used to tan the skin of a person in the booth or bed. These lamps are responsible for creating the ultraviolet light that causes tanning. There are hundreds of different types of tanning lamps to choose from, from many different manufacturers, but all of them have the same function.

While there are many different types of tanning lamps all of them can be lumped into one of two different categories which are high pressure units and low pressure units. Regardless of the two different types, all of the tanning lamps require that there is no oxygen within it for it to work properly.

There are also incandescent tanning lamps and fluorescent lamps, both of which fit into one of the categories above. The fluorescent varieties are powered by an electrical ballast and the incandescent are powered like a regular household bulb, though they do not have a resistor filament as they produce negative resistance. Of course, the purpose of either of these types of bulbs is to tan the skin of a person without having them lay out under the sun. Tanning lamps can be used in a number of different enclosures but the actual quality of the tan is dependent upon the spectrum of the light that is provided by the bulbs within the unit. When a person is exposed to a tanning lamp they are actually absorbing much more in the way of ultraviolet rays than they would in the sun, but they spend less time under the sun. The result is a relatively quick tan, but one that will not last as long as they do if you tanned under the sun.

High pressure tanning lamps units are usually just three to five inches long and will be powered by a ballast of 250 to 2000 watts, though the 400 watt is the most common. These lamps are made with quartz glass, which does not filter UVC. UVC is something that needs to be filtered, so in the high pressure lamps a diachronic filter is used to filter out the UVC and UVB rays, the result is a purplish color as that is the color of the filter. Within the high pressure tanning lamp are an inert gas as mercury. Because of the mercury within the tanning lamp it is important to use great care when installing and removing the lamps. In addition, you cannot touch this type of tanning lamp with your fingers as the oil deposited in the lamp can cause the bulb to stop working prematurely.

Low pressure tanning lamps are quite common and the actual lamps look much like the fluorescent lamps that are used in homes and offices around the world. These lamps work when a ballast direction a current to the lamp that allows for a plasma to generate inside of the lamp. On the inside of the lamp the glass is coated with phosphors as well as a small amount of mercury. The benefit of this type of tanning lamp is that it is able to filter out all of the UVC. In addition, the mercury in these lamps is not as dangerous because once the plasma is flowing it does away with the outer electrons from the mercury, which allows for the full spectrum tanning that is associated with this type of tang lamp.

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