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Full spectrum light bulb product information

Have you heard of full spectrum light bulbs but you aren't quite sure what they are or what makes them special? Full spectrum light bulbs have become more popular over the years, but what many people do not realize is that this term is simply a marketing term, which means that it does not have a specific definition that distinguishes it from other light bulbs. While there is not a scientific definition of any sort to define a full spectrum light bulb, this doesn't mean that they aren't different or perhaps more effective or appealing to a lot of people.

A full spectrum light bulb is favored by a lot of people because it is able to produce light that is much more like sunlight than other light bulbs. These bulbs are able to produce the same kind of light as you would get if you were outside in the sun, which is seen by the human eye as a blue or whitish tint. These bulbs are known for their color rendering capabilities, especially when compared to your typical light bulb.

Full spectrum light bulbs can be used in any home at any time, and they can also be used in commercial or business buildings. These light bulbs have been found to be very effective in treating seasonal affective syndrome, also known as SAD because it helps to give the person the light that they need to help avoid getting depressed during the less sunny seasons. It is known that sunlight is able to improve moods. When people are in a bad mood or stressed out they often say that they need to get some fresh air. Sure, fresh air is always good, but it is always the light of the sun that improves our mood and when you are not exposed to sunlight for long periods of time you may find that you feel more depressed, more irritable, and less energetic. Full spectrum lighting can provide people with the light that will lift their mood any time, giving them the equivalent of being outside on a warm, sunny day.

There are many different types of full spectrum light bulbs. Through some research it has been found that bulbs with color temperatures of 5000K or more are capable of producing the beneficial light that is much like natural light. There are many different options, but when you shop you should look for full spectrum light bulbs that are able to provide a CRI or color rendering index rating of at least 90 to 100 as these bulbs are known for most closely matching the full spectrum lighting that we get from the sun. There are a lot of different full spectrum light bulbs that are marketed, but you should be sure if you want the full effect that you look for the 5000K color temperature and the CRI of at least 90 to 100. Anything less will not give you the full benefits of natural light and you may find that SAD or other issues are not helped.

Full spectrum light bulbs are not only used in homes, but they can also be used in office buildings in areas where it is quite gloomy for extensive periods of time. These light bulbs are a great way to go in the home or the office because they have been proven to improve the mood of most people, as well as positively impact energy levels, learning ability, and even improve the behavior of most people. While full spectrum light bulbs are more costly than your soft white bulbs that you buy for less than a dollar, this is a purchase that will pay off in many different ways, and better yet it doesn't cause eye strain so it is beneficial in many different ways.

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