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Portable UV light product information

UV light, short for Ultra Violet light, is not actually a light, but energy waves emitted naturally by the sun. In fact, anything that emit heat will also emit UV light. UV light is at the violet spectrum of light and has a wavelength of 254nm, rendering it invisible to the human eye. The naked human eye can only see radiation with wavelengths of 400-700nm, therefore known as visible light.

A longer wavelength radiation has less energy and a shorter wavelength radiation indicate higher energy. A general way to categorize UV light is breaking it into three groups, namely UVA (315 - 400nm), UVB (280 - 315nm) and UVC (200-280nm). The most harmful radiation of the three is UVC since it has the most energy and is not needed by the body as other form of UV light. UV classification and its wavelengths are terms that are used by scientists to communicate its properties. There are in fact some discrepancies between American and European scientists on the actual wavelengths of UV light component.

The fact that we cannot see it does not mean that it is not harmful. Over exposure to UV light can lead to sunburn, darkening of the skin from increased melanin formation, premature aging and even skin cancer from DNA damage. Considering its possible adverse effects on human, treatment using UV light must be used caution One such treatment is the skin tanning bed. Effects are often not immediate but a heighten risk of skin cancer is very likely. Photo-aging of the skin will also accelerate appearance of wrinkles. Eye inflammation such as photokeratitis (inflammed cornea) can also result from excessive exposure to UV radiation.

Some exposure to UV light is beneficial to the body, such as production of beta-endorphin and Vitamin D by the skin from UVB. Ultraviolet radiation has also been successfully incorporated into healing therapies against various skin conditions such as vitiligo and psoriasis.

Portable UV light is widely used for its disinfectant properties due to its ability to destroy any microorganism with DNA. Germs are either killed or lost its ability to reproduce, gradually reducing their number. For this to be successful, direct contact with the microorganisms by the UV light is necessary. One of the aspect of purification by UV is air disinfection. UV light can be radiated from LED to break the cellular molecular bonds of germs such as molds, bacteria and virus. This can be achieved by directing airflow through a device containing UV light instead of spreading the UV light freely, potentially damaging human eyes and skin.

Apart from air purifying, water purifying is a cheap and safe way to clean water and has been used since long time ago. UV water disinfection work very well for pools without the use of chemicals such as chlorine, and without any undesired by-product. The application of UV light water purification is very vast and can be used for fish farming, beverage industry, waste water treatment and in home water treatment system.

Other disinfection usage includes hospital and lab facility sterilization, food processing plants and other commercial use. On one hand, UV light can cause skin cancer, on the other it is a cure for the same disease. T-cell lymphoma is a type of cancer that appear on skin that can be treated with US Food and Drug Administration approved use of UV light. The level of success with this treatment is subjected to the length of exposure and intensity of light exposed.

On the surface level, UV light is used to detect watermarks in currencies to prevent counterfeit note, to detect dog urine and so on. Protective eyewear is necessary when carrying out any sterilization works pertaining to UV light for health purposes.

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