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Back light product information

Sometimes when you put your laptop's power on, you do not see anything on the screen. As you inspect it closer to check out what is wrong with the device there is a faint image when the light is reflected at a different angle. Every laptop has a fluorescent tube at the back which helps in illuminating the screen, and this is called backlight. When this fluorescent tube fails to start, the display on your screen becomes difficult to view.

What happens when backlight fails?
It is not actually the fluorescent tube or the backlight that falters but the system called inverter that is used for starting the backlight. The inverter is a small circuit board positioned below the lcd panel which can be replaced if the spare is available.

However when the backlight fails to function this also makes the image on the screen very faint. Here replacing the backlight is not an easy job since the lcd screens are not for the purpose of opening. You can opt to change the lcd panel but this can cost you quite a hefty sum.

LCD backlights
The demand for LCD fitted high definition or HDTV is hitting the roof. The LCD screen is a light filter that does not produce light by itself. It filters the lights that are passing from the back through the display. Most of HDTVs use single sheets of luminous plastic or sidelighting along with the fluorescent lamps for providing backlight and both these methods are quite challenging tasks.

Importance of backlight
Most of the consumers pay attention to the resolution of the screen while choosing a HDTV system along with color temperature, contrast ratio, color saturation and grayscale. Backlight is an integral element that is meant for improving the contrast ratio and grayscale.

Your LCD system should facilitate preferably the automated adjustment of your backlight This helps to improve the contrast quality of the picture. A minimized backlight level helps in reduced consumption of power and increases the lifespan of the lamp since the power that is used and the life of the lamp is in direct relation with the backlight level.

Another factor that needs to be kept in mind while choosing backlight is the blurring factor. The blurring phenomenon occurs due to fast motion in programming like the sports channel. If the pictures are changed rapidly the pixels cannot cope up with the speed change.

The remedial measure is to strobe the backlighting so that the independent pixels do not take too long to light up. For this, techniques like Samsung's "LED Motion Plus" and Philips "Aptura" can be used.

The old method of Backlighting

Most of the backlighting is done using a single sheet of luminescent plastic in which the panels can weather. The backlighting panels use the colored phosphors for generation of light. Thus the images displayed can be thin and light and ensure equal distribution of light. The only drawback is that it has a life of only 3000 to 5000 hours with half brightness.

LED backlighting

In LED backlighting white LEDs are used which can be manipulated individually for better control. In this system a cluster of LEDs are evenly mounted behind the display. Due to the improved brightness in white LEDs, this has become more practical for backlighting purposes.

This system allows the technology of using local dimming and the black levels are achieved by shutting off the light source of a pixel. This helps in removal of the gray black picture which is the common occurrence of LCD HDTVs. Here the clusters of LEDs can be manipulated locally to emit more light thus increasing the brightness whenever required.

Previously LED backlighting was considered a disadvantage because of its high energy consumption with displays that were large. But technology has transformed this weak point into a plus point with improvements in efficiency. The LED backlights have longer lifespan for operations which last for more than 50,000 hours.

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