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Downlights product information

You may have heard someone refer to the lighting in their home or their office as downlights and ever since you may have been scratching your head, wondering exactly what downlights are. If you are confused by this term you should know that you are not the first or the last to question what downlights are, in fact a lot of people are curious about this type of lighting. Downlights are being used in more and more homes and offices around the world and that is because they are able to give the light that is needed while taking up very little space. While downlights are very popular today, they have actually been in use since the 1940's!

Downlights are also known as recessed lighting, a pot light, or even can lights. There are many different names for this type of lighting but the idea is that the light fixture is actually installed into a whole in the ceiling so that the light is flush with the surface of the ceiling area. When the light is properly installed it will appear as though the light is simply shining from the ceiling. This type of lighting is often referred to as downlighting because the lights are pointing down from the ceiling.

When you buy downlights you should know that you are going to need two specific parts, which are the trim and the housing. The trim of the downlights is what can be seen on the light when it is installed. When you look at a downlight when it is installed you will be able to see inside of it as well as the surrounding edge that covers up the hole in the ceiling surface. The housing is the part of the light that is actually installed inside of the hole that is cut in the ceiling and contains the light socket so you can fit the light with a bulb.

When you look at the housing of your downlights you will basically have four different choices. You'll have IC, which is short for insulation contact and then you will also have Non-IC lights and these generally allow for more wattage than the IC choices, both are meant for installation in newly constructed houses. In addition you will have IC rated housings that are used in existing ceilings instead of in new ceilings and then Non-IC rated model housings which can be used in existing ceilings where there is no insulation present. You need to pick the type of housing that will help you to be sure that there are not any flammable materials that will come in contact with the lighting fixture.

There are also trim styles to consider when purchasing downlights. The trim is usually offered in black, white, silver, or brass though there are variations on these color offerings. The idea of the trim is to not only add an architectural touch, but also to absorb any excess light. You can choose the type of trim style that appeals to you most and best fits in with your home décor. In addition, you can also choose between directional and diffuse downlight lamps. The directional downlights have reflectors inside of them that will direct as well as control the light and diffuse downlights are able to control the light through their omni-directional lighting capabilities.

As you can see, there are a lot of different things to consider when purchasing downlights. Many of them come in kits with all of the pieces selected for you, to make choosing the different parts of the lights much more straight forward. Generally speaking, this is a very affordable type of lighting so once you get past the choices in housing and trim, you'll be able to make your purchase and get your lights installed.

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