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Track lighting fixture product information

Once you have decided to use track lighting in certain areas of your house the next important thing is the fittings. Many people struggle with track lighting fixtures as most of them do not have the technical knowledge. Since everybody does not manufacture standard track lighting fixture systems you may face difficulties while installing the fixtures to the tracks.

Since there are all sorts and varieties of track lighting fixtures because of their interchangeable and diverse nature you need to use your discretion in selecting the one that is best for you. The three standards that you can follow are the Juno, the Halo and the Lightolier.

The track lighting fixtures are made up of other lamp fixtures or canisters. They are then attached to a track of a desired length and configuration. Power is allowed to flow through the track onto the fixtures. After the track is held in place the head and the bulb positions are determined and adjusted. The track light fittings usually come with120 volt fittings. Each fixture has bulky transformers fitted into them.

The modern track lighting fixtures come with inbuilt transformers which help in converting to fixtures with low voltages. The wall plugs at your home are already made safe for use by converting them from a line voltage to a safe transformer. The wall plug outlets of your home have line voltages which helps the power to run in homes and offices. Thus always remember that there is a certain amount of power running when you work with this type of lighting.

When people require low voltage track lighting systems they are referring to the fittings which have given rise to the production of compact small sized fixtures for track heads and pendants.

The low voltage track lighting fixtures use halogen bulbs that emit a different light which is white as opposed to the usual yellowish light that is produced from the regular incandescent bulbs. Also they use much less energy for the equal amount of light.

Track lighting fixtures are available in 3 categories of H, L and J. If you are planning on a new installation you need to use the H type as it is new and has more advantageous features. To have the perfect layout use the track lengths and connectors as advised. When you do the installation have an electrician check on the wiring system of your house.

The track lighting fixtures come in different designs such as the cylinder, the gimbal ring, the gallery etc. If you decide on the general glass style, this category can be further broken into style and colors. Then while considering the finish decide whether you want a chrome or satin nickel finish.

These track lighting fixtures help in conserving energy by using low voltage but you need to decide on the areas that you want these fixtures installed. Keep the purpose in mind as to why you need the track lights. Most of the bulbs come at a higher price than the standard ones but these burn for longer time. Visit your local home improvement store and take the help of the trained experts to help you make the right choice.

There are few limitations which you will encounter. One drawback is that you cannot make one independent light dim. If there is a row of track lights on a dim switch all of them will be dimmed together rather than independently.

Pendant track lighting adds a touch of sophistication to your room without being too overbearing. They are effective especially in rooms with high ceilings where the light can be integrated across the entire room without attracting too much attention.

Pendant track lighting is ideal for the bedroom where the brightness can be adjusted depending on the mood of the occupants. Pendant track lighting is also good for the living room where it enables people to relax without having bright lights shining on them.

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