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Torchiere lamp product information

A torchiere lamp is a free standing floor lamp, usually of six feet height with a reflective bowl facing upwards. The light from a torchiere lamp is directed upwards to the ceiling before it is reflected to other parts of a space, creating a comfortable and diffused illumination. The torchiere obtained its name from its parabolic shape that resembles a torch.

The torchiere floor lamp was a popular style from the 1930's and 40's but still preferred by some today. Besides the usual six feet high version, a miniature torchiere is also available in the market. These are usually used as table lamps or bedside lamps. However, due to its profound brightness, and the fact that it is unshaded at the top, a miniature torchiere can be very harsh to the eye when seen from above.

The torchiere may be an elegant addition to a room, but it is not a decorative piece at all. With a 150 watt maximum voltage, this light is a powerful illumination source that is commonly used on its own. The even and soft illumination provided by a torchiere is perfect for reading and relaxing. In fact, a dimmer is usually available to tone down its light intensity when necessary.

This type of lamp can be compatible with regular incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs or even fluorescent bulbs. They usually have classical styles, although newer versions have been tweaked to appear more modern and timeless. In fact, nowadays it is even possible to but LED torchieres that boast a more balanced spectrum of lighting.

A torchiere may be a great feature to have at home but it is not without its weakness. Using one require great care on the owner's part as it is prone to causing fire if overheat. Excessive precaution are to be taken when placing a torchiere near easily combustible material such as curtains and walls covered in wallpaper.

For example, a curtain sitting at the top of the unshaded torchiere bowl is enough to start a fire considering the fact that a halogen lamp used with a torchiere can reach up to 1,100 degrees. For the same reason, the lamp should never be on for a long time. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, hundreds, if not a thousand of fire cases can be traced back to the use of torchiere lamps in the last decade alone.

Another problem commonly associated with torchieres in general is that its unshaded top is the perfect grilling pit for flying insects that got too close. Burning smell, sizzling sound and even smoke is common, as well as finding dead insects inside the torchiere bowl from time to time.

To overcome its fire hazard, it is recommended that the usage of halogen lamp in torchiere lamps be replaced with fluorescent bulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs (also known as CFLs) produce less heat and are 70% cooler than halogen bulbs. These bulbs are available in various shapes and sizes such as spiral, mini spiral and the more commonly used A-line bulb.

Besides being a safer alternative, converting to these low voltage bulbs is also easier on the wallet. Converting to compact fluorescent bulbs from incandescent bulbs will reduce energy consumption by a whooping 75%. It is estimated that by replacing five incandescent torchiere bulbs a year with compact fluorescent bulbs, each household would be able to slash $60 a year in electricity.

If saving over $30 in energy cost over its lifetime sounds amazing, consider the fact that using these bulbs can also prevent more than 450 pounds of greenhouse gas emission. With this new discovery, enjoying the use of torchiere lamps can now be safer and more economical.

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