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Solar lighting

Solar camping light
Solar camping light
The most important thing required on a camping trip is light and solar camping light is the ideal light source.
Solar deck light
Solar deck light
Solar deck lights designed for deck floors and steps use the free and clean energy of the sun to provide lighting.
Solar garden lighting
Solar garden lighting
The most obvious benefit of solar garden lighting is that you don't have to pay for electricity cost.
Solar lamps
Solar lamps
By using solar panels with rechargeable batteries, solar lamps can function without external wiring to the house.
Solar landscape lighting
Solar landscape lighting
Solar landscape light can be placed anywhere the sunlight reaches without using junction boxes or electrical wires.
Solar patio light
Solar patio light
Solar patio lights are an excellent way to harness the power of the sun to illuminate your outdoor spaces.
Solar yard lights
Solar yard lights
A solar yard light consists of a solar panel, a casing, a nickel-cadmium battery, an LED light and a light sensor.

categorySolar lighting product information

The sun is the main source of light, no matter where you are. It also became the inspiration of the inventors that is why they were able to create artificial lights that most people use nowadays. Now that people are looking for several ways on how they could save up on their electric bills, solar lights might be a great option to give illumination to your home or other places especially during the night.

More often than not, you will see solar lights in the outdoor areas such as patios, gardens, terraces, decks, and even on their walkways. With the use of the solar lights, home owners now have an economical way to decorate and accentuate their outdoor areas. It will help save them energy and of course, money at the same time. Aside from that, these solar lights are safe as well. No wires that are needed which may put the children and other family members at risk. Moreover, there is also no need to ask the help of a professional or an electrician since the installation of these solar lights is just an easy process.

In every solar lighting fixture comes a panel that would collect the solar energy from the sun. These panels would then collect the solar energy and convert it to electrical energy later on. But don’t think that your solar light is not working if it does not give a very bright light during the night. Bear in mind that the illumination given by the solar light would greatly depend on the amount of light that it gathered during day time. That is why if you want your solar lights to work efficiently, make sure that there are no obstructions so that the panel will collect enough solar energy. By the time the sun is beginning to set, the solar lights will automatically switch on so that it may accentuate or enhance the area during the night. You also don’t have to worry about the different factors that might spoil your solar lights. Most of it was designed to endure various weather conditions so that it can be used for several years. These solar lights are also perfect for the areas that are not reached by electricity.

But although solar lights are commonly used in outdoor areas of your home, it is also useful for the indoor areas as well. Some people use it in their garage while others use it in their sheds. Unfortunately, it is not an excellent lamp to display if you want to have a decorative or accent lighting since it does not produce the same brightness that is given off by the electric-powered lamps.

Thanks to technology, the solar lights today are no longer dim compared to the first few models. Most of these new models of the solar lights are now using LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes as its source. Whereas the first generation of solar lights are only using solar cells or rechargeable batteries that greatly depends on the amount of the light that it can collect during the day. If you would compare the brightness of the ordinary solar lights to the solar lights powered by Light Emitting Diodes, you will see that the latter is more reliable and gives off brighter lights even if it is not fully charged during the day. More often than not, the new generation of solar lights may illuminate your outdoor area for as much as 20,000 hours.

There are several companies nowadays that offer solar panel installation so that you can use solar energy in your whole house as well. However, most of these companies have high installation fees and usually charge high prices for the panels alone.

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