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Solar deck light product information

Deck lighting can be dramatically improved by using solar deck lights. The many different types and styles available allows for a wide range of options, and they are often cheaper and easier to install than conventional lights. There are lights designed for deck floors, walls, awnings, railings, and steps. The lights themselves are robust yet attractive, and require almost no maintenance. They automatically switch on at night, and off again in the morning, and charge their batteries during the day.

There are several different types of solar deck lights, each designed for a specific part of the deck. Recessed floor lights can be added around the edges of the deck to illuminate walls and railings. Wall lights are used to cast light into the middle of the deck. Post lights are small attractive lanterns fixed to the top of the vertical railing supports. Lanterns can be hung from wall brackets or awning beams, or simply placed on tables. Step lights can be installed along the edges of steps for added safety at night.

Each type of solar deck light is available in many different styles, ranging from the traditional to the modern. Floor lights are usually limited to either round or square bezels made from polished metals, such as brass or stainless steel. There are modern wall lights that have polished metal shapes, along with the common mariner lights. Traditional coach lanterns are always popular but there are also modern versions, and even solar-powered Chinese paper lanterns.

Solar deck lights are cheap and reliable because they use very few parts. Inside the case there is a solar panel, rechargeable battery, and a light globe. The solar panel and battery are small because the globe uses very little power. The battery is usually a nickel-cadmium or other common rechargeable cell, and only required a few hours of sunlight each day to power the light through the night. Halogen globes are commonly used but light emitting diode (LEDs) are replacing them because they use much less power and don't burn out, and they allow the solar panel and battery to be even smaller. LEDs have been criticized in the past for their lack of brightness, but recent super-bright LEDs can be even brighter than halogen globes.

There are many benefits to choosing solar deck lights over conventional lights. They are cheap without being low quality, and they are powered by free energy from the sun and do not cost anything to run. While they are criticized for a lack of brightness, this is often cause by a poor choice of location that does not provide enough sunlight to charge them properly, or the area is simply too big to illuminate. However, large solar deck lights are available that can compete with floodlights but are generally more expensive. Another criticism is that the lights stay on all night and cannot be turned off easily, which is true for some but there are others that have switches that allow them to be turned off.

Solar deck lights use the free and clean energy of the sun to provide lighting throughout the night. They are an affordable way of enhancing any deck area, and provide an alternative to the harsh floodlights so often used. There are many styles available and they can be changed easily if another style is preferred. The lights are weatherproof and damage-resistant, and will last for many years. They are fully automated and require almost no maintenance, except for the occasional cleaning of their solar panels. On top of all that, they are cheaper and easier to install than conventional lighting and do not require the services of an electrician.

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