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Solar yard lights product information

Most people never think twice about lighting up their yard although it is the most natural thing to do. To the average consumer, having a single light source that is bright enough for the whole yard is the most economic way to go. Design and ambiance take the back seat. However, with the mass production of solar yard light, this is no longer the best option.

Solar yard light is a smart choice for consumers who want illuminate their yard tastefully without having to spend money on electricity. As the name suggest, a solar yard light is powered entirely by sunlight, where it is converted into stored energy to light up your yard throughout night time. The hours of free light can go up to 12 hours depending on how much energy is absorbed and stored.

A solar yard light usually consists of a small solar panel, a casing, a nickel-cadmium battery (NiCd), an LED light and a light sensor. This sensor can automatically detect reduced light intensity during dusk and increased amount of light at dawn, switching off and on as needed. To many people, this means not having to worry about the security of their home and belongings when they are not at home or away on a vacation.

Contrary to popular believe, a solar device like this can continue to charge even during cloudy days. Strong sunlight is not a prerequisite for installing a solar-powered light. However, when placing the light in a shady place, it may be necessary for it to be wired to a solar panel that is placed on a sunnier spot such as the roof. Otherwise, installing a solar yard light need absolutely no wiring and can therefore be completed in less than a minute.

Having a solar-powered light has many advantages, but the obvious one is that it can be an emergency light during a power failure. Rest assured that a solar-powered yard light will continue to work automatically day after day even when there is a storm or a blackout. Best of all, there's substantial savings to be enjoyed on the long term. Simple step such as converting to solar-powered application such as this is also good for the environment.

Apart from being practical, this device is a great addition to your yard in term of looks. There are many variations of solar yard light available in the market for different design themes and usage. The casing of the light is available in plastic, copper, stainless steel and so on to produce different designs for different needs.

It is available in the form of string lights, spot lights, hanging lights, or special light to cater for special applications such as a pool or a jacuzzi. More extensive designs such as lantern, garden light, ambient light and landscape light can also be purchased. With 'free' lighting like this, home owners can now afford to light up patio, driveway and lawn effortlessly. A well lit yard provides a pleasant ambiance for its owner as well as keeping off thieves with malicious intention.

Perhaps the only downside of such application is the initial cost and cost of battery replacement. It is true that the purchase price may be higher than that of a normal light but it will generally pay for itself in a short period of time. A good quality solar yard light is also a generally long lasting device so battery replacement is rare. It is virtually maintenance free, which mean that labor charge is not needed to install or upkeep the light.

Despite its many advantages, many people have not considered a solar yard light as they do not realize that it is a feasible everyday device. However, it will not take long for savvy people to switch over to solar yard light and other solar-powered light considering the long term savings and ease of use associated with this technology.

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