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Solar patio light product information

Solar patio lights are an excellent way to harness the power of the sun to illuminate your outdoor spaces. Since there are many types and styles of solar lights to choose from, you can easily blend the solar patio lights into your outdoor decor. Adding lighting to your patio or deck areas will increase safety while giving you the ability to make use of the space at night for relaxing or entertaining.

Your first consideration for lighting your patio or deck area should be safety. Even if you are not entertaining or otherwise using the space, it is a wise idea to have enough light to deter burglars. Motion sensing solar patio lights are available that will come on when anyone walks through the space. Not only is this a way to scare off a possible thief, it also lights your way should you have to go outside.

Another safety consideration would be any architectural elements that are incorporated into the patio design. The most common element would be stairs which could easily be dangerous if not visible. Step lights are ideal for this situation as they are small and simply highlight the stairs to prevent falls. Benches, fountains or other elements can also be highlighted by using small landscape lights. Not only will these prevent tripping over things, it will also add beauty to your patio or deck.

Once safety issues have been addressed in your solar patio lights design, you should also consider how you will use the space. If you like to entertain, you will want a well lit area to do that in. For the main part of your patio or deck, you have a large assortment of options to choose from in solar patio lights.

For illuminating larger areas, you can get solar powered post lamps. These type of lights sit on top of stand alone posts or on the posts of your deck frame. They come in a variety of styles and finishes to blend in with the rest of your outdoor designs. You can put single lamps all around the perimeter of the space or group several for creating brighter conversation areas.

For those with more eclectic tastes, there are many unique designs in solar patio lights that can add a funky or whimsical touch to your outdoor spaces. Especially fun are solar powered rope lights that can be wound around railings, draped on trellises or attached to other elements in the decor. You can even get solar patio lights that look like flaming torches - adding a striking dramatic effect to the space.

As with other solar lighting choices, solar patio lights use a PV panel of some sort to collect the sun's energy during the day. Through built in inverters or battery storage, the solar energy is converted into electricity to power the lights for several hours in the evenings. Since solar patio lights are dependent on sunlight to work, maximum effect will be gained by placing the fixtures where they will get at least 5 hours of direct sunlight during the day.

Using solar patio lights as part of your outdoor space design is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment. Harnessing solar energy produces no greenhouse gases, no waste and no emissions of any kind. There are several other advantages to using solar patio lights, as well.

Solar patio lights are easy to install since there isn't any wiring that needs to be done. You can light up your outdoor spaces without increasing your utility bills, which is a big advantage of solar patio lights. You don't even have to think about your solar lights as they will turn themselves off and on - it doesn't get much easier than that!

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