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Camping lantern product information

Are you taking up camping and you need a source of light? Has your old camping lantern finally bit the dust and you need to buy a new one? When you start shopping you may find that there are a lot of options for you to choose from and you may not know where to start. If you follow a specific thought process and you ask yourself some simple questions you will find that it is quite simple to buy the camping lantern that fits your specific needs.

The first thing you need to think about is how much space you have to transport the lantern. For instance, if you have a large recreational vehicle with unlimited storage you may pick a different lantern than you would choose if you are going to be hiking and carrying the lantern on you. In addition to the size, you also need to think about how the camping lantern of choice will be powered, as battery powered units are often heavier than gas powered units because of the weight of the batteries, so a gas unit usually makes more sense if you will be carrying the lantern on your body.

Depending on what you are doing, you may or may not need the brightest camping lantern that is offered. If you are going to be wearing a headlamp in addition to the camping lantern you may not need a really bright lantern. Consider how much light you will need as well as how much space you will generally be lighting, as this can help you hone in on the right size camping lantern while shopping, making the choice a lot easier.

Choose something that is compatible with the pieces that you already have. If you use a tent heater or a camping stove you should attempt to choose a camping lantern that uses the same sort of fuel as that unit. The reason for this is that you will then only need to carry one sort of fuel with you. So, if your other units use propane, than choose a camping lantern that also uses propane. No need to carry more than one type of fuel with you if you don't have to.

If you are going to want to use a camping lantern in a camper or a tent you need to use a battery powered lantern. For safety concerns, this is the only type of lantern that should be used in a tent. The reason for this is that both candle and gas powered lanterns can become very hot to the touch and could cause a fire or melt items inside of the tent. If you are not going to be using your camping lantern inside of a tent or camper, you can consider the other types of lanterns, as well.

You will also need to consider the climate in which you will be using your lantern. Battery lanterns generally don’t perform as well in cold and freezing temperatures, so if you are going to be camping or hiking in very cold temperatures you would be well advised to choose a lantern that is candle or battery powered. In addition to performing better in the cold, gas lanterns also provide the brightest light. Gas and battery powered lanterns will also provide you with the ability to adjust the intensity or brightness of the light, which can be helpful. Gas lanterns are also the longest lasting, although the new LED camping lanterns will rival gas lanterns in the amount of light that they can provide you!

When you consider all of these things it will help you determine which of the camping lanterns the right choice is for you. There truly are a lot of different options out there. Once you get it narrowed down to a certain type of lantern, such as a gas lantern, you can then choose one that fits into your budget.

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