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Lava lamp product information

The desire for the retro era is seeing a huge demand in items like the lava lamp. There is a rush on the auctioning sites for these lava lamps which are being bought at phenomenal prices. The lava lamps are being used as decorative pieces in today’s modern world. These gooey globules which are constantly dancing are a treat to watch.

The lava lamp was an invention of Craven Walker that occurred accidentally. The lava lamp is filled with liquids that are in continuous motion. The globe contains two types of liquid with differing colors and viscosity. The colors are vivaciously bright. You need to light the globe and once the liquid starts to heat up it starts rising to the top. When the liquid reaches the farthest point from the heat source it starts cooling. As it starts to cool it starts becoming dense and starts falling down. The process starts again and the cycle is repeatedly performed.

The lava lamps are a great showpiece to display the bygone era on your mantelpiece. It creates a different atmosphere in the room and is a valuable part of the décor. It adds elegance to the entire surrounding. This lava lamp helps invoking sleep with its wonderful antics and is ideal for your child's bedroom. The lamp when placed in a dim area gives the appearance of stars dancing and gliding across. You can also use the lava lamps in your hallway, your kitchen, your dining space, office or anywhere which can help decorate your area.

These lava lamps are also capable of creating a hypnotic atmosphere. Its sophistication lies in it simplicity. This is the reason why it is so alluring. The lava lamps are available in various sizes, colors and shapes. They help to permeate the air with a relaxing and calming effect. The modern version is the Plasma lamp that does not have the same appeal and charm as the yesteryear's lava lamps.

The demand for lava lamps is prevalent in movies and television shows. Lava lamps have managed to secure its own position in this highly technology driven world. Nowadays you even get lava lamps that can be connected through USB which help the lava lamps to get plugged into your laptop. You can also purchase software programs which can create the same gooey images on your plasma screen and turn your entire wall into a massive lava lamp. You also can purchase tables that have tops like the lava lamp. You just need to touch the surface and watch the wonderful flowing colors mesmerize you and invigorate your senses.

The lava lamp works with insoluble liquids and substances. The bottle usually contains a mixture of water and translucent wax, or carbon tetrachloride with any other substance. The density of water is less than that of wax at room temperature and more in warmer conditions. This is due to the reason that unlike wax, water does not expand. The lava lamp has different combinations of oil and colorants which are soluble. A combination of paints and turpentine works well for lava lamps. Anti-freezing elements are added to speed up the warming process.

The lava lamp is made up of the solid and liquid parts of which both are non-toxic. It uses both heat and light for its function. The bulb heats up both the solid and liquid parts at the base. The solid starts melting and moving when it is heated by the electric bulb that is at its base. The coiled wire at the bottom encourages the heat convection leaving the liquid suspended.

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