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Mini lights product information

Mini lights can be individual tealights or candles used in bulk to create multiple small light sources. Another easier way to duplicate this effect is to use Christmas lights. These are generally secondary light that should be used in conjunction of other brighter light source if it is intended for interior use.

The use of mini light usually promotes warmth since the typical colors used are warm amber or a whithier shade of beige. The use of tealights, candles and floating tealight varieties on the other hand can create a romantic atmosphere such as in a wedding or parties. Some of these mini lights are fueled by oil and can burn for many hours, lasting well for events and ceremonies. Even the color of the oil used can be customized to match the theme chosen.

Needless to say, a mini light application such as Christmas lights usually gives the impression of celebration and festivity. Draping it on trees and and around the house instantly lend the feeling of a celebrating drawing near. The flexibility of the light allow for endless ways of moulding, such as wrapping around wire frames of Christmas objects like reindeers and santa. Decorating with Christmas light take some patience and good planning but the results are always worth the effort. However, Christmas lights are not exclusively reserved for Christmas alone, or other types of celebrations for that matter.

There are many ways to utilize the versatility of mini lights such as a Christmas light. Increasingly, this type of lighting is incorporated in commercial designs such as restaurants and malls. Wrapped around softer medium such as fabrics and thin papers, these humble lights are transformed as magnificent decor pieces. Molding the stretch of light into temporary or permanent building structure can also be a brilliant idea. This can be done by draping the lights vertically from columns or having the mini lights outline the structure of a display.

Setting the mode of Christmas mini lights from static to chasing mode to blinking will further alter its decoration properties. It is refreshing to use multiple colors mini lights, but it will probably not work out for non-festival decor and may appear too gaudy.

While the older version of Christmas mini lights can burn out after some time besides producing too much heat, the newer version of Christmas light using LED is virtually indestructible. No more searching for dimmed bulbs and worrying that it will overheat and starting a fire by burning away Christmas ornaments. LED lights are 75% more energy efficient than incandescent mini lights, which is why they are also cool to the touch. It is also tough and whether resistant, making it perfect as outdoor ornaments besides paying less for power cost.

Although using LED mini light is clearly a more durable alternative and a safer choice, it cannot fully duplicate the effect of incandescent lights. For one, the color of LED light is usually whitish and not warm amber. LED lights tend to produce brighter light than incandescent lights but they also tend to be harsher and more glaring.

Indirect light that can usually be seen splashing out from behind walls and partitions is a major part of interior light around the globe. What is unknown to most people is that this effect is achieved using another version of mini lights called the tube lighting. This is a replacement to the older fluorescent tube that is rigid and harder to maintain. These flexible tube lighting is a bendable mini light that give an even beam of soft indirect light.

Fiber optics is yet another type of mini light that is used as a permanent feature in architecture and interior design. The light is incorporated into the wall structure by having them embedded in the wall, creating a star-filled wall that usually plays the role of a feature wall. With fiber optics, the colors emitted can change and rotate as wished.

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