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Outdoor lamps product information

The clever manipulation of lighting can profoundly transform the look and feel of a space, without making radical make-over or spending a lot of money on remodeling. The same set of principles applies for outdoor lighting.

To experience how outdoor lamps can influence our mood and feelings, just take a walk outside. Blinking bulbs and flashing neon lights near a circus tells us that something merry and happening is taking place. Tealight candles in the garden instantly evoke a sense of romance in the air, and red light can be used in varying degrees give out a warning as well as to simply attract attention.

Whether it is to bring out a theme or atmosphere of festivities, grandness or coziness, small thoughts on outdoor lighting can bring about big rewards. Here are some points to remember when planning for outdoor lights for your home.

Always work on the main piece you want to highlight before the complementing elements. For example, a patio can be the main structure and hence deserve a bright center light. The light from this source will spill over to the plants nearby, which can then be dressed with small, carefully concealed lighting fixtures. This way, the features in your house compound do not fight for attention. The eyes will easily recognize the primary element from the secondary ones based on the amount of light used and the method in which it is used.

Apart from the light source that provides the source of light, there are materials outside of your home that will reflect this light such as leaves, water and walls. This would create interesting shadows that is both dramatic and exotic. Light that got bounced off uneven surface such as stones will highlight its rough surface while water reflection will calm and soothe. Reflected light from outdoor lamps can be faint but this is where beautiful effects are created, lending a different ambience to your outdoor setting.

You generally do not want to highlight your secondary lighting that is buried amidst bushes and plants. However, primary lighting such as one you would want to use in the patio deserve more attention. Using different shell to contain the light will effect the light projection and subsequently the entire ambience of the setting. The trick in selecting a suitable lamp is getting one that correspond with the theme you have set. A Japanese lantern would work for a Zen garden and brass-featuring lamp is perfect for an English garden.

When it comes to choosing color lighting, the safe choice to outdoor light is to mimic the moon by using soft but non-targeted light source. However, you can also be bold by going all the way with a certain theme. For example, a spring theme is when you can use multiple colors and such as pink, white and green. This is easier to maintain than it seem as multicolored bulbs is readily available and take little time to change.

Don't be afraid to integrate your outdoor and indoor lighting as the former is an introduction to the latter. While you shouldn't use a chandelier for outdoor lighting, a simpler version of crystal light for example, serve as a preview to what's inside your home. This is known as 'working on the transitional' experience that a guest have upon visiting your home.

There are more to outdoor lighting than just the look aspect. A well lit home compound is a safe compound. Ensure the perimeter of your home is illuminated. Think of it as a form of crime prevention. Do consider installing a timer to your outdoor lightings that will automatically switch on when you are not at home.

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