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Lamp post product information

There are many options to illuminate your yard or garden, and installing a lamp post can be an interesting idea. These lamp posts are generally inexpensive and the outcome can be very unique. This method of lighting can reach a larger area with the use of a single bulb, making it a good solution for those who like to keep things simple.

Lamp post lights were originally used as public lighting along streets of housing areas and commercial district but increasingly more and more people is beginning to install them within their house compound. Most lamp post available in the market come in classical setting.

Having a lamp post like this in your garden can bring back old memories of olden times, giving your garden a nice nostalgic look. Most of these lamps have a metallic finish, as well as black cast iron type. Modern looking lamp post designs are minimal in design and are usually in silver finish while copper and brass finish ones can give a vintage look. Wooden type of lamp post can also be found.

Having a lamp post as a form of outdoor illumination is ideal for security purposes and looks. These are readily sold as complete kit in your local stores. Installing one can take some effort as you may need to dig a trench through the soil to conceal any unsightly wirings. Prepare for some serious digging as the appropriate depth for such trench is around 1.5 feet.

To prevent the wires from getting wet and protect them from other external factors, a conduit is necessary to wrap around the wires. Usually a conduit can be made of PVC or other durable material. A lamp post are usually six to seven feet high so it is necessary to give it a firm footing so it does not tumble easily when it rained. Use a concrete filler tube as a fast solution to plant your lamp post firmly to the ground.

For safety purpose, it is advisable to use a transformer in preventing accidental electric shocks. This is especially true when using current-conducting metal lamp posts. A transformer can usually be bought from the same store selling lamp post lightings. Other additional tool to consider is adding a timer in order for your lamp post to switch off on and off in your absence.

A newer invention in this type of lighting is solar lamp posts. A solar powered lamp post can work two ways. During sunnier months, it can absorb energy from sunlight can store them in its photovoltaic battery for night time use. During winter or cloudy days, the same lamp post can be powered by electricity. This means that wiring connection is still necessary unless it is only meant for usage during a certain part of the year.

A solar lamp post comes equipped with a light sensor for automatic on and off, so there is no need for a timer. Going away for holidays and long shopping trips into the night can be more relaxing as the yard and driveway will be lit when the time comes. Solar lamp post lighting is built convenience in mind. Most products in the market has a wide flat base plate that can be bolted to any existing solid foundation. The benefit of using a solar lamp post is the free energy and the fact that these lamps uses LED bulb that are not likely to need any replacement. However, a change of battery is necessary when it deteriorates or every two years on average.

Like any other lighting in the house, using different bulbs on a lamp post can create different outcome. Incandescent lights are yellowy, soft and warm but they are not the best choice when it comes to energy efficiency. White colored light like the LED, halogen and fluorescent lights each have its own advantages and disadvantage and can be used under different circumstances depending on the desired end result.

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