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Security lighting product information

The last thing that anybody wants is their home been ransacked by vandals while they are away. The purpose of security lighting is to raise an alarm if any intruder is trying to trespass on your property. Oh! Wouldn't you like to see the faces of these rogues when they are suddenly caught unawares in their action by blinding lights suddenly turning on and the wailing of the sirens? Just so that you are not a prey the next time you are away, with your house at the mercy of these unscrupulous characters install a security lighting system for your own peace of mind.

Types of lighting
The PIR or the passive red detector gets activated when it senses any body movement. This means that not only humans but also animals are detected. The working of the PIR is based on three things- the amount of light they work in, the amount of time they are on and sometimes the range that they cover. These can be adjusted physically to minimize the range and to cover certain areas.

Another form of security lighting is Dusk to Dawn Lighting which uses a mechanism that gets switched on during dusk and remains activated till dawn. Since they are on for longer periods most of the people use low voltage bulbs. The next type of security lighting is the ordinary one that needs to be switched on externally. These are ordinary flood lamps that have to be switched on manually.

Warding off unwanted elements
It is a good practice to have the security lighting system to ensure the safety of your home when you are not around. However, it is not true that the more lights you have the greater security you get. You need to ensure that all the cover areas are properly lit which the burglar can use for camouflaging himself.

If you use too much lighting it could be a source of disturbance for your neighbors and also distract the motorists. You need to use an efficient lighting system that is easy to install and does not burn a hole in your pocket also. Floodlights with high power tend to illuminate areas with blinding light. Thus it is advisable to use various low power lights. If you have smaller lights strategically installed around your area you will be successful in keeping the miscreants at bay.

The preferred security lighting for your property
The most ideal situation would be when you use the Dusk to Dawn lighting system that helps give the impression to outsiders that your home is not empty. However this system also can cost you dearly because of keeping the lights on for such a long time.

The motion detecting sensors are another effective lighting system that picks up any motion on your property and activates the high powered lights which makes the burglar back off.     The best system is the hi-lo security lighting system that is continuously kept on a low setting which gets brighter once the sensor detects any motion on your property. The dim light can be increased onto a full fledged flood light and immediately focused on the trespasser.

The advantages of motion sensor security lighting
Having motion sensor security lighting gives you many benefits. First and foremost your property is secure from intrusions. Then they are useful when you are laden with stuff and unable to open your door. The motion lights come on immediately when you step up on the porch.

The biggest advantage is that your property is free of pests and animals like raccoons that will not have the courage to step in your premises. Since the motions sensor lighting comes on only when someone’s movement is detected it is cost efficient by saving on the energy consumption.

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