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Car halogen bulb product information

As years go by and technology rapidly improves, the light sources and bulbs used in cars differ from one era to another. Decades ago, car manufacturers are just using incandescent light bulbs so that their vehicles will illuminate the road and avoid accidents from happening during night time. But thanks to the innovations made on car technology, incandescent light bulbs are no longer used. There are now car halogen bulbs which ten times brighter than the incandescent bulbs and hundred times more efficient in illuminating the road.

During the mid sixties, the first few car halogen bulbs were used as the head lamps of the vehicles. If you would compare the car halogen bulbs to the car bulbs that were made prior to its release, you would see that the car halogen bulbs last longer. Moreover, it emits more light as well. The car halogen bulbs can be used in various vehicle front light functions. This may be used as a position light, a fog lamp, a low beam light or even a high beam light.

Car halogen bulbs nowadays have lights that are filled with xenon gas. This makes the car halogen bulbs more efficient than ever. Car halogen bulbs that are powered by xenon gas are brighter and have longer lifespan. As a matter of fact, car halogen bulbs that have xenon have 100 percent more light compared to the conventional car halogen bulbs. When traveling on a dark road or dark area, use the car halogen bulbs with xenon gas so that you may get the visibility that you can only experience during day time. And although it emits more light than the conventional light sources for vehicles, it consumes less energy. Therefore, it would last longer and there is no need for you to replace your car bulb from time to time. There are some vehicles owners who claim that they have not yet replaced their car halogen bulbs ever since they bought it. This is not just a great way to save energy but to save your hard earned money at the same time. Moreover, you will feel more secured and relaxed knowing that you are aided with such automobile lighting system.

Aside from the head lamps of the car, car halogen bulbs may now be used in the brake lights of certain car models and even for the exterior signaling of the vehicle as well. Consumers may now choose from the different shades or colors of the car halogen bulbs such as rainbow blue, the typical clear white, super white, and the rainbow yellow. And no matter which color you choose, there is no doubt that these car halogen bulbs will provide you a very high level when it comes to road safety.

Car halogen bulbs are so bright that it might cause the oncoming drivers to be dazzled by its brightness. That is why there are some car manufacturers that have automatic leveling system integrated on their standard car halogen bulbs. The said system will automatically adjust to the current road situations and would immediately adapt to the current light condition experienced by the driver. Users may also opt to set the brightness leveling system manually if they wish.

There are some countries in Europe and other areas in United States where the car halogen bulbs must have washing systems. This is to ensure that the vehicle light source will always function efficiently and work the way it is suppose to. When car halogen bulbs are filthy, it actually causes the lens to have lesser intensity as the dirt absorbs the light. Therefore, your car halogen bulbs would not effectively work and might cause road accidents that might damage your car or cause you injuries.

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