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Most of us don't ever really think about the importance of a car headlight, but these lights have a couple really important functions. While most of us never consider the importance of the headlight, when it goes out suddenly you will realize how vital a role these lights play in keeping you on the road and allowing you to see what it is on the road in front of you. When you realize this you will also learn that there are different types of car headlights out there to choose from, with the designs and lighting sources changing in the newer models.

The function of the car headlight is quite obvious. When you are driving down a road when it is dark or near dark you need artificial illumination. This is especially true if there are not street lights in the area in which you are driving. The car headlights will allow you to see where you are going so you can safely maneuver around obstacles, and find your way to the right streets. Most of us take this sort of artificial illumination for granted until we have our car headlight go out and we cannot see as well.

Another function of the car headlight is to ensure that other vehicles can see you coming. Without the headlights of other cars coming in your direction you could very well collide with other vehicles on dark roads or find yourself in near miss situations because you did not see another vehicle until the last moment. Car headlights really do serve important functions, all having to do with the safety of those behind the wheel of the vehicle and those in other vehicles on the road.

The most common type of car headlight is the incandescent bulb. This type of bulb uses the tungsten filament technology that has been used for years in lighting. Basically, when you use this type of bulb and you turn on the headlights an electric current works to heat the filament and will become incandescent and provide the lighting needed as you go down the road. Many manufacturers are leaning away from the incandescent bulb over the last several years because the more the headlight is used the more the filament will evaporate, which will require a replacement of the bulb. The thicker the filament is the longer the bulb will last, but the thinner the filament is the brighter the light that it emits.

Halogen bulbs are another common type seen in the car headlight. These are basically the same as the incandescent bulbs but with a very thing filament. This type of bulb is preferred by many because it gives off of a bright, white light. These filaments are thin, but because of the halogen gas within the glass, they have a very long life making them a great option for a car headlight.

HID lights, also known as high intensity discharge lighting has become very popular in recent years. These car headlight options are favorable because they do not have a filament at all. Instead, their light is generated through the use of an electrical charge that ignites an arc located between two electrodes in a xenon gas charged system. These lights are appealing to many manufacturers and consumers because they are able to output three times the amount of light as the incandescent or halogen bulb and they have a lifespan that is about ten times longer. The only drawback is that these lights are known for the glare that they can cause due to their bright white/blue color.

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