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Fog lamp product information

A good vehicle allows you to go from one place to another without breaking down even in the most extreme weather condition. But an excellent and a trusted vehicle give you all the important things that you need such as a comfortable interior, well conditioned engine, as well as lights that you can depend on. When traveling safely, it is a must that your head lamp and the rear lights of your car are working properly. As a driver, this would enable you to have clear visibility when driving during the night or driving during the rainy season.

Aside from the head lamps and the rear lights, it is also essential that your vehicle has a fog lamp that works properly at the same time. Fog lamps are usually installed in the front area of your vehicle. It is a light fixture in a vehicle that is shaped like a bar which emits a beam of light having a sharp cutoff at the upper part. More often than not, a fog lamp is mounted at the lower part of your car's front bumper. Depending on your style, choice, or driving needs, you can install a white fog lamp or a fog lamp that has a yellowish light.

Fog lamps are intended to be used when you are traveling at a slow pace. This type of vehicle light fixture would help the driver increase the brightness as it directs the light towards the surface of the road. Moreover, it would also help the drivers to go through the different conditions where there are poor visibility because of different environmental factors such as the snow, rain, dust, and of course, fog.

More often than not, people are having a hard time understanding the difference between driving lamps and the fog lamps. They usually think and assume that the fog lamps must be yellowish while the driving lamp only emits bright white light. According to the car manufacturers, there is not much difference between the two. The fog lamp does not actually replace the effectiveness of your vehicle's head light during the foggy conditions. However, it will enhance the road's visibility making it an excellent supplement for your headlights. And because of the misconception about the fog lamps, it is said that the drivers in North America use their fog lamps more often during the dry or summer season rather than using it during the seasons resulting to poor visibility.

But with all the innovations that were made using the latest technologies in the automotive industry, there are now several automakers as well as suppliers of car parts that are selling driving lights that can be interchanged to a fog lamp or vice versa. The simply call it as the fog/driving lamps.

The fog lamps are commonly used as a replacement for the dipped-beam head lamps. This would also reduce the glare-back coming from the falling snow or from fog. However, the legality of these fog lamps varies from one country to another. Some `would require vehicles owners to install fog lamps while having head lamps with low beams at the same time. Other countries do not actually mind as long as you have a head light that works properly.

Some of the countries do not experience weather conditions that would require them to use a fog lamp. As a result, the do not have to follow legal requirements regarding the fog lamps. If seen with such light on their vehicle, their main purpose in installing it is simply to accessorize and accentuate their vehicle's bumper.

Fog lamps can be bought as an additional light or an optional light that can be only be used on some car models.

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