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Landscape lighting product information

If your garden landscape is the reflection of your taste in living and appreciation for nature, your landscape lighting will magnify the aesthetics of the area for a more dramatic effect. It is inevitable that your landscape garden is the first thing that your neighbors and visitors will see when they approach your home. Hence, wouldn't it make perfect sense to pay more attention to landscape lighting to achieve a more polished look?

Many people make the mistake of thinking that landscape lighting is only for the rich and is beyond their reach. The fact is, landscape lighting often involve strategic placement of low voltage lights that are also weather resistant. These fixtures consume less electricity than your average lighting and are safe for pets and suitable for outdoor use. The end result depends heavily on planning and careful manipulation of light distribution and attention to shadow casting, not so much of how big of a budget you have.

If you already have a decently landscaped garden with water features, stone paths and lush foliage, tweaking or adding strategic landscape lighting can yield huge potential. Here are some simple-to-implement tips that you can try over the weekends to bring your landscape garden to life:

Tips #1 : Water And Reflection - The Perfect Soothing Combination
Although you can't get too much reflection from water, you'll want to avoid glaring spotlight that is not friendly to the eyes. The best way to do this is to install some waterproof light fittings at the bottom of your water feature. It will mean more work, but the end result is breathtaking and well worth the effort. If your water feature is fitted with a pump to keep water from being recycled, the better the movement of the reflection.

Tips #2 : Christmas Lights Are Not Just For Christmas
Want to try a no-cost way to light up your garden? It's time to salvage those Christmas light from the attic! The only rule you need to remember when using Christmas lights is to be consistent. Avoid multi color lights as they are too 'festival-like' and use Christmas light on a few foliage, not just one or two odd ones. Unless you plan to get dizzy, it may be wise to switch the light to constant mode. Just tuck in the lights carefully around the group of plants you want target. This works better on bushes than large leafy plants.

Tips #3 : Light Up From The Bottom For Grand Shadows
If you have big plants and trees, this method will make a dramatic impact on your landscape. Bigger spotlight may be necessary for ideal results depending on size of the plants. You may adjust the angle of the light to cast bigger or more concentrated shadows.

On the other hand, if you have a basic lawn, you can always start small. Landscape lighting can still be the perfect tool for you to highlight what you have and conceal what you don't.  Basically, landscape lighting is easy when you bear in mind that you want to highlight the light, not the lighting fixtures. With lighting, small effort goes a long way.

Apart from its aesthetic purpose, landscape lighting is the also the most sensible way to protect your house from crime. With those big plants and foliage, who knows what could be lurking behind? Do you know that proper lighting can decrease crime by a whooping 50%?  This is because a properly illuminated garden path makes it easier to follow and make a thief think twice about targeting your home.

Considering the money and time you have invested in your garden landscaping, landscape lighting is really the cheap and effective solution to complete your garden both in terms of appearance and practicality. Once you have implement the tips above, there are little maintenance to worry about, only a tranquil garden that you can enjoy for many years to come.

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