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LED backlight product information

Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology is taking over flat screen TV, PDAs computer monitors and other digital devices with a screen by storm as the gold standard in backlight technology, and it is easy to see why. All LCD flat screens have a light behind its projected pixels known as backlight, which is sandwiched between the LCD and the board.

Before LED come along, Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) is widely used as the preferred backlight source in LCD screens. These is basically a small fluorescent lamp that is dimmed during dark scenes and brighten during bright scenes. The problem with this is the adjustments is distracting to viewers and produces poor color saturation.

Then there is the issue with design. New design push for slimmer and lighter devices such as in laptop developments which is just something LED backlight have to offer. With a simpler drive circuitry than that used in conventional CCFL, LED backlight with its non-inverted circuitry, can reduce an 11mm laptop screen to as thin as 4mm, a reduction of thickness by more almost 2/3.

In terms of color and general picture quality, LED backlight offer better color saturation, higher display color range and precise control of light intensity. Unlike CCFL that produces light with low spectrum, LED backlight has a significant advantage in capturing the most accurate and natural colors. Since the backlight of the darkest color can be completely turned off instead of toning down the overall intensity, a darker black can be achieved and this in turn increase the contrast of pictures. LED backlight can be tweaked further by temporarily turning off certain part of a fast moving image to reduce motion blur.

CCFL backlight have something called the 'half brightness lifetime' which is basically the time needed for the light output to reach 50% of its original output. Simply put, it takes time for CCFL to 'warm up' in order to reach maximum luminance and color temperature. With LED backlight, this can be achieved instantly. The faster response time also offer more believable day to night scenes with enhanced details and clarity.

Also, LED backlight gives a wider viewing angle and can last for as high as 100,000 hours for certain models. White LED backlight usually have a minimum lifespan of 20,000 hours, most likely to last as long as your TV can without needing a replacement. LEDs are extremely hardy too, and is immune to vibration, ensuring a durable and long lasting use. This can only be good for the environment. Besides, LED bulbs does not contain mercury like CCFL, which can be dangerous if not properly disposed.
Speaking of being environmental friendly, LED backlight is surprisingly energy efficient. Despite offering a host of enhanced feature, the typical white LED only require 317mW to operate. In CCFL, high amount of energy is used to power backlight inverters. This is not necessary in LED backlight, resulting reduced power consumption by 50 percent.

There is no doubt that LED backlight holds the future to LCD screen technology. Perhaps the biggest challenge is the high manufacturing cost. In a laptop, its LCD screen is the most second most expensive component after its microchip. However, as LED screens are manufactured in bulk, costs will also be lower and accessible to a wider public.

According to a research done by an independent researcher firm Insight Media, LED backlight will see a drastic decline in price, making way for a mass production in 2011 led by the switch made by the flat screen TV industry. It is projected that by 2010, LED backlight TV will account for more than half of the profits, knocking out all its predecessors hands down.

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