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Monorail track lighting product information

This innovation in track lighting uses a flexible thin rail that can be formed into sweeping curves. Before monorail track lighting, thick straight rails were used that were not very elegant or flexible. Monorail has the advantage of being able to bend to follow the contours of the space or object it is lighting, and is sometimes called flexible lighting or curved lighting. Pendant and spotlights can be used together on the same track, with halogen or incandescent globes. Monorail is easy to install and can it be done by just about anyone, and the low voltage allows it to be safely installed in many more locations.

Monorail track lighting uses rails with a thin rectangular profile that hold two conductor strips. The rails are first bent into shape by hand, and then attached to the roof supports and wall standoffs that hold them in place. The transformer can be connected remotely using a cable, or it can be connected directly to one end of the track by mounting it on the roof inside an attractive container. An optional cap can be fitted to the other end of the track to tidy it up. Pendant and spotlights are available, and can use incandescent or halogen globes. Halogens use less power and this allows for more lights to be fitted on each rail. All the metal parts are available in the usual finishes such as chrome, bronze, and brushed nickel.

Installing monorail track lighting is not a difficult task and it can be done by most people. The first step is to decide where the transformer will go. Several transformers and rails may be needed if many lights are required. The layout of the rails, supports, and standoffs can then be marked on the roof. The marks will not be covered over track so make them with something non-permanent, like string and tape. The supports and standoffs can be placed several feet apart because the lights and rails are not heavy, and the rails only bend easily in the horizontal plane. While monorail track lighting can be bent slightly in the vertical plane, it is usually limited to less than twenty degrees. There is no practical limit to the length of track supported by one transformer, only the number of lights, so additional tracks can be joined to the end with couplers.

Both pendant and spotlights can be used with monorail track lighting. The lights are attached to the rails with sliders that contain their electrical contacts. Pendant lights usually hang from stems attached to a slider, while spotlights are attached directly to the slider. The voltage of the light globes needs to be the same as the output voltage of the transformer. The number of lights supported by each transformer depends on the power rating of the light globes and the transformer. A typical setup using a 300 watt transformer can power five 60 watt globes. Halogen globes are the preferred choice because they require less power than incandescent globe to produce the same brightness, and this allows more lights to be powered by each transformer.

Monorail track lighting has the rigidity and safety of track lighting, combined with the flexibility of cable lighting. Its single elegant rail can be made to follow the curves of a kitchen bench top, or the edge of a curved wall. It is widely used by stores that need an attractive lighting system that can be quickly changed to suit different displays. While monorail track lighting is flexible, the layout of the track is not easily adjusted once installed, because the supports and the transformer also need to be moved. However, additional rails can be added at any time, and the lights moved to these new sections if required. All things considered, monorail track lighting makes a great replacement for an older track and cable lighting system.

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