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You should invest in bulbs that help save energy or the CFL bulbs rather than the incandescent bulbs that neither save energy nor are pro-environment. There are different types of compact fluorescent light bulbs available. You have the decorative twisters that generate equal light output as the incandescent bulbs. Then you can use the Universal & 3 way light bulbs that produce a soft white light.

You can also use the compact fluorescent light bulbs that come in the standard A19 light bulb shape. The candle lamps can be used for outdoor lamp posts and decorative chandeliers, wall sconces, reading lamps and fans. Another type is Globes which are used in vanity strips and open lighting fittings. The Outdoor and Bug A Way bulbs are used in summer for driving the bugs away and are good for the lamp posts. Then you can also use the light bulb reflector.

The light bulb reflectors look similar to the incandescent bulbs and also have the same light output. The light bulb reflectors can be used inside the house or outside when the light is pointed downwards. When the light points upwards the light bulb reflectors have to be in enclosed fittings if used outdoors. Some of them can be used in cold conditions when the weather is minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Below this temperature there is no guarantee that the light bulb will light up. By using the light bulb reflectors you can save a lot due to longer life of the bulb. The light bulb reflectors are used in recessed fittings and open hanging fittings. The light bulb reflectors that can be dimmed are very popular and in great demand in homes that have ceilings which resemble the Swiss cheese.

The need for correct lighting for your greenhouse plants
Whether you use the incandescent bulbs or the fluorescent ones all must have light bulb reflectors to make the lights focus on the plants. These reflectors can either be purchased or made at home. Some plants use diffused lights. So you must ensure that the right bulb reflectors are used to produce the diffused effect for the necessary plants.

Better lighting for the aged eyes
It is common that with age people tend to lose their vision sharpness which can create difficulties while performing certain tasks. With advancing age many fail to focus on an object and are unable to make adjustments with different levels of light.

The lighting industry is aware of this shortcoming and thus has designed new lights which use a diffuser along with a light bulb reflector that enables focusing of the light on the particular task that is being performed at that point of time.

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