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If you have noticed carefully the lights used in hydroponic gardening, you will see that the lights that are used are High Intensity Discharge lights or HID lights meant for providing enough light to ensure the thriving of the plants indoors. Now to make these lamps function properly they must work with ballast. Now let us see how this HID light helps the plants to grow naturally even in an indoor setting.

The HID light is made up of a glass tube consisting of tungsten electrodes, metals and gas. The gas enables the ignition of the light and as the metals begin to heat up they produce light. This light is similar to sunlight and is of great use to the gardeners as they cost less, last longer than the other grow lamps and generate more energy.

The light ballast is meant for starting the lamps and also ensures the continuous flow of electricity to keep the bulb from being continuously lit. The light ballast controls the current which runs through the glass bulb to make sure that there is sufficient flow of current to keep the light burning without causing any destruction to the bulb. Thus the light ballast helps in running of the HID lights by controlling the electrical current or else the lights would not function.

Magnetic Ballasts
Magnetic ballast is one among the various types of light ballasts which is also referred to as the core and coil ballast because of the inner components of the ballast. The Magnetic Ballast functions with a capacitor in controlling of the current to start the light and maintain the correct flow of energy in the bulb. You will find some magnetic ballasts that have an igniter for coordinating with the metal halide and sodium lamps.

Electronic ballasts
This is the modern light ballast system. Here the ballast utilizes the electronic circuit for controlling the flow of electric inside the HID bulb. The electronic ballast can also change the rate of power generated. Thus the electronic light ballast can either diminish or completely do away with the flickering occurrence in the lamps.

Since it uses a sound circuit system instead of the magnetic coils this is more efficient. Due to their greater efficiency characteristic the electronic light ballasts are much in demand compared to the electromagnetic ballasts.

Electromagnetic ballasts
Electromagnetic ballasts restrain the current’s flow but do not alter the frequency of the power that is used as input. The lamp is illuminated on every half cycle of the power supply which causes the flickering of the neon and fluorescent lights. The amount of flickering is twice that of the power supply’s frequency rate.

So the light flickers at 100 Hertz or 120 Hertz. You can reduce the flickering by using a lead-lag ballast by connecting to two lamps with the current flowing alternately into each one of them wherein one leads the power’s frequency and the other trails behind.

Digital ballasts
The digital light ballast operates on a higher frequency which produces more light using less energy. Because of its digital nature it works at the appropriate temperatures that makes the mh lamps longer lasting. Digital light ballasts first allows the electricity to flow at a low level, and then as the bulb tends to warm up it increases the flow of energy to radiate its full brightness.

Digital light ballasts are available with different quality strengths. The Chinese manufactured products are of inferior quality and should be avoided. The best quality digital light ballasts are capable of distinguishing between HPS, LED and metal halide and can run all the grow lights.

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